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Next Steps After Passing Your Driving Test – A Practical Guide

Passing your driving test is a joyous occasion and a life changing moment as it delivers a new level of independence. However, passing your driving test is only the beginning. Becoming a responsible and safe driver presents a new challenge.

The safety and comfort of having an instructor to guide you has now been removed and the responsibility of the car you’re driving now lies solely with you. Dealing with hazards and familiarising oneself with rules of the road as a new driver takes a whole new level.

Therefore, puts forward some practical tips for staying safe on Britain’s roads:

* Consider an advanced driving course – It may seem daunting to consider another course of driving lessons however, taking an advanced driving course such as ‘Pass Plus’ will only serve to benefit you. As an added bonus an advanced driving certificate will also serve to reduce the insurance premiums on your first vehicle

* Ask your council about safe driving schemes – A number of local government authorities now operate safe driving schemes. These schemes are designed to better educate young drivers about staying safe on the UK’s roads

* The ‘Parent Pact’ – Make yourself accountable for your driving with your parents or someone you trust. Talk openly with your parents and peers about your concerns when it comes to driving solo. It’s better to make your concerns known than continuing to struggle alone

* Get help choosing your first car – The car you choose is vital to your driving experience. Most modern cars come with a host of safety features, seek out the help of a seasoned driver who will be able to advise you on choosing a car that you feel comfortable driving. Again, the type of car you choose could also help to reduce your insurance premiums

The most important thing to remember is that only you can determine the driver you will become. Don’t take risks and drive responsibly. In the long run, steering clear of accidents and potential road hazards will benefit you in reducing insurance costs, but furthermore, will help to change the stigma associated with young drivers all over the world.

Whilst it’s impossible to be responsible for the actions of other road users it is possible to monitor yourself as a driver. You can identify areas where you need to improve and take action in order to establish yourself as road user.

Above all else, you will grow in confidence by following the practical tips given, enabling you to become a driver that is much more aware and much safer on Britain’s road network. Ready to take your driving theory or practical test? Visit and get your test booked today.

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