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Parents of Young Drivers Admit Accident Fears When Children Pass Test

The stigma of young people and driving accidents is one that has existed for decades and, unless better educated and prepared for life on Britain’s roads, accident rates among young drivers on the nation’s roads will continue to rise. That’s the view of parents responding to a recent poll.

Road traffic related incidents are the number one killer of young people worldwide and a recent survey, conducted to gather an insight into parents’ views on young drivers, revealed that a high majority harbour concerns about their children and driving.

When asked whether they feared their child, as a newly qualified driver, could be involved in an accident, a high proportion of parents responded ‘YES’.

82% of parents said that they remain awake in the early hours if their child has been out and is due to drive home, waiting until they know that their child has arrived safely.

According to the research, conducted by, over 90% of parents said they dread getting phone calls when their children are out driving for fear of receiving a call from emergency services.

In a statement from a spokesperson, they said: “These fears are not unfounded, after all the figures don’t lie. The UK has the highest fatality rate among young drivers than any other country in Europe. Worldwide, one in five inexperienced drivers will be involved in a road traffic accident within six months of passing their driving test.”

However, the research has come under some scrutiny with critics suggesting that polling parents will do little to help the confidence of young drivers who will feel that parents will be monitoring their every move when it comes to driving.

There was a heightened ‘sense of fear’ among parents who had daughters that were newly qualified drivers. 68% of parents polled, whose young daughters had recently passed their test, responded by saying that they trusted the driving capabilities of their own children, but were concerned about the actions of others on the road.

The results of the research have proven to be quite revealing and serves to prove that parents never cease to worry about their children, no matter what the circumstances in life may be, including driving.

In a statement from they said: “The results of this research are very interesting, but also give us an insight into how we can help parents to educate young drivers better before they take to Britain’s roads, whether as a learner or newly qualified driver. As a business we provide a number of practical resources for purchase that can be used by parents to help their child(ren) prepare for life as a driver.”

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