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Sep 20

UK Driving Lessons Surge as Learner Drivers Try to Catch Up

As learner drivers look to secure limited appointments for driving theory tests and practical exams, the number of UK driving lessons has surged. With a new look theory test now launched and practical exams limited, more learner drivers are taking to the road more frequently to brush up on their skills. Why are UK Driving […]

Apr 20

Driving Lessons and the Coronavirus Lockdown | Some Advice

Driving hasn’t been completely banned under coronavirus lockdown measures. So, does this mean you can still take driving lessons? Based on government guidelines, we would recommend not taking driving lessons during this time, to avoid endangering yourselves and others.

Jan 18

Great new initiative to fund driving lessons in Wiltshire

Happy New Year, folks! If 2018 is your year to start learning to drive, we came across this fantastic new initiative that could help you fund your driving lessons, but only if you live in Wiltshire… sorry. Check it out, it could cut the cost of your driving tuition! Crowdfunding has become a craze, and […]

Nov 15

Theory test revision | How much time should you spend revising?

A common question asked on learner driver and student forums is how much time should be spent on theory test revision? Let’s find out…

Oct 15

Meet the 92-year-old learner driver ready to book a practical driving test

Say hello to Betty Jones, aged 92. She’s just started learning to drive and is determined to book a practical driving test and pass it!

Sep 15

Driving without insurance soars: Who’s being blamed? Young drivers

The number of uninsured drivers on Britain’s roads rises. Who’s getting the brunt of the blame? Young drivers. Find out why…

May 15

Teenager first to pass the UK driving test with satnav

Back in February, Book Theory Test Today posted about satnavs being introduced to the practical driving test. Three months on, a teenage learner driver has become the first to pass the UK driving test using satellite navigation.

Mar 15

Flexible Learner Driver Insurance Launched by RAC Saving You Money

The RAC wants to help you cut the cost of learning to drive. They’ve recently announced a new, flexible learner driver insurance policy with a huge range of benefits for young drivers. As a strong advocate for cutting motoring costs for learners, this obviously caught our attention here at Book Theory Test Today, so what’s […]

Jan 15

Northern Ireland Learner Drivers Landed With Double the Cost Licence Fees

As if the cost of learning to drive isn’t enough, right? With driving lessons, the theory test and the practical test to pay for, you’d think learner drivers could catch a break with the price of a provisional licence. Well, not in Northern Ireland, where learner motorists pay twice the price compared to anywhere else […]

Jan 15

Learning to Drive With a Parent? Who Will You Choose Mum or Dad?

The recent release of a survey, concerning motorists who are learning to drive with their parents, has become a bit of a sensation. Book Theory Test Today asks you the ultimate question… Mum or dad to teach you to drive?


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