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Jan 15

What’s It Like Learning To Drive Over 30?

The Book Theory Test Today blog is back, happy New Year to you. We hope you stayed safe on the roads during the festive season. 

Jan 15

For the New Year | Theory Test to Become ‘More Realistic’

Change is afoot as the DVSA looks to make the hazard perception part of the theory test ‘more realistic’. Here at Book Theory Test Today we were intrigued. What’s changing?

Jan 15

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Drive?

Surprisingly, this is a commonly asked question and even more surprisingly, experts have managed to come up with a formula to calculate the average time it ‘should’ take a learner driver to get a full licence. It was certainly interesting enough to get the attention of Book Theory Test Today.

Dec 14

Taking Your Theory Test? Do You Know Your Pedestrian Crossings? Part Two

In part one; we helped you to navigate Zebra, Pegasus and Pelican Crossings. In part two, Book Theory Test Today will guide you through School, Toucan and Puffin Crossings. See you on the other side.

Dec 14

Taking Your Theory Test? Do You Know Your Pedestrian Crossings? Part One

Pedestrians, along with cyclists, are a driver’s worst nightmare, but they’re a part of life on the roads. Book Theory Test Today takes you through the various types of pedestrian crossing to help you pass your theory test and practical exam. In part one of this two part series we take a look at the […]

Dec 14

Young Drivers Give Opinion on Proposed Licence Restrictions for Learner Drivers

Currently under 18? Thinking about learning to drive? The government wants to increase the age limit at which you can start learning from 17 to 18. Talks have already begun. Book Theory Test Today gets the opinion of young drivers regarding the proposed restrictions.

Dec 14

London Learners Face Toughest Challenge to Pass Driving Test

As the debate about driving tuition standards rumbles on, new research shows that learner drivers in London have a significantly low driving test pass rate. Book Theory Test Today looks at what factors are affecting poor pass results in Britain’s capital.

Dec 14

Learner Drivers to be Penalised for Failing to Display ‘L’ Plates

Look out learners. New penalty fine laws have been introduced, which includes fines for failing to display ‘L’ plates. Book Theory Test Today looks at what other driving offences are now punishable with a fine or increased penalty points.

Dec 14

DVSA Could Scrap Three-Point Turn from Practical Driving Test

As the DVSA looks to remove the three-point turn from the UK driving test, Book Theory Test Today looks at what will be the biggest shake-up of the exam in 20 years.

Dec 14

New Tuition Video Launched for Driving Instructors about Cyclists

The battle for Britain’s roads has intensified in recent years as disputes between cyclists and motorists become more aggressive. But one organisation is trying to change road culture, with a video aimed at teaching driving instructors to better understand cyclists. Book Theory Test Today gives an insight…


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