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Recent Interpreter Ban Causing Theory Test and Practical Exam Problems

5 months since the DVSA introduced English and Welsh only theory tests and practical exams, Book Theory Test Today assesses the state of driver testing in Britain.

In April 2014 the DVSA took the decision to ban foreign language theory tests and practical driving exams. Candidates would now only be allowed to sit a theory test or practical exam in Welsh or English.

The measures were introduced to prevent interpreters providing the answers to theory test questions and assistance when taking a practical driving exam.

However, the new measures appear to have back fired as a number of Welsh speaking theory test and practical exam candidates have been met with a lack of Welsh-speaking examiners forcing them to take tests in English.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “The new measures introduced by the DVSA were always going to be problematic. Those candidates speaking a foreign language, forced to go and learn Welsh, have done so leading to a supply and demand problem. There are now more Welsh speaking candidates ready to take a theory test or practical exam, but not enough invigilators.”

One area encountering this particular problem is the town of Bala, North West Wales. A proportion of learners applying to take their driving test in Welsh have turned up on the day only to be informed that the test will be conducted in English.

A number of driving instructors in the town have expressed concern that such scenarios are confusing candidates because they’re turning up to take the test in Welsh only to find that it’s now being done in English.

According to some commentators the DVSA has done little to reassure people that the shortage of invigilator staff is being dealt with.

A DVSA spokesperson said: “We’re trying to recruit numbers, but it’s not something that can be rushed. We just ask that candidates exercise patience as we look to solve the problem of staff shortages.”

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “It’s worth noting that such recruitment processes can take up to five or six months meaning that these problems could be an ongoing thing. As soon as one vacancy is filled another post may be vacated. Presently, there’s an issue with supply and demand and until that’s addressed the issue is not likely to be resolved anytime soon.”

North Wales in particular has been hit hardest by Welsh-speaking instructor shortages with the DVSA scrambling to fill vacancies to help ease the pressure on test centres already struggling to supply any kind of exam invigilators.

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