Congratulations You’ve Won, Oh Wait! | Book Theory Test Today Blog Congratulations You’ve Won, Oh Wait! | Book Theory Test Today Blog
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Congratulations You’ve Won, Oh Wait!

Book Theory Test Today blogs on one man’s good fortune that comes with a catch…

One lucky Bromham man recently won a brand new car after taking part in the Ant and Dec roadshow contest, but there was a problem when it came to driving the car away, he’d not yet passed his theory test or practical driving exam!

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “You would be excited and frustrated all at the same. There sits a brand new car, but you can’t drive it. However, winning this vehicle might just give him the motivation he needs to pass the theory test and practical driving exam.”

William Shippin, a 28-year-old IT manager, won the brand new Suzuki Swift when he attended Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on Tour roadshow held at the Metro Centre in Newcastle. Mr Shippin was at the event ahead of participation in the Great North Run the following day.

As a keen runner, Mr Shippin had never seen the need to pass the theory test or practical driving exam. Just before turning up at the roadshow he had completed a local 5k race arriving at the event in his competitor’s t-shirt.

Mr Shippin was just one of a select few from the 10,000 strong audience to be chosen to answer questions in the build-up to the prize giveaway.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “To numb the disappointment of not being able to drive the vehicle away, Mr Shippin also received other prizes including: a brand new TV, shopping vouchers and a holiday.”

Alongside his parents, David and Ros, Mr Shippin was handed the keys to his new car by Emma Withers of Hilton Suzuki.

Mr Shippin was quoted as saying: “There could be a problem; I don’t have a theory test certificate or a driving licence yet.”

It was left to his parents to drive the vehicle home on William’s behalf.

In a statement from Emma Withers of Hilton Suzuki, she said: “It made our day to be able to play our part in making William’s dream come true – the whole family are such genuine people, and I am sure they will be delighted with the performance of the Suzuki Swift for years to come. Let’s hope William passes his test soon.”

Since winning the car William has taken his first driving lesson and is now in revision mode in preparation for his theory test.

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