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Theory Test Under Threat?

Book Theory Test Today continues its coverage of driverless vehicles. This time around, driverless lorries, with reports indicating that self-driving HGVs will be road tested in 2015.

So, a recent announcement that fleets of self-driving HGVs could be tested on Britain’s roads as early as 2015 has got us thinking here at Book Theory Test Today. We can’t help thinking that humans driving vehicles will soon be eradicated, replaced by robotic vehicles with the intelligence to transport without the need for human direction.

It’s a scary thought! Self-driving cars we can handle (just about), but fleets of HGVs driving by themselves apart from one driver who would control each lorry using a combination of Wi-Fi, infrared cameras and laser sensors, is perhaps a step too far.

It appears that Book Theory Test Today is not alone in voicing concerns. Numerous motoring groups are heavily critical of plans to launch self-driving lorries saying that an entire fleet would be “highly intimidating” to other road users.

But, here at Book Theory Test Today, we have bigger concerns. The outlook for the future of driving could see an end to the theory test and practical driving exam. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for technological innovation, but applying these to driving comes with consequences.

Technology creates dependence!!! For instance, you don’t have to do too much research to come across evidence of ‘sat navs’ causing untold problems for HGVs, most commonly guiding trucks down country lanes only to get themselves wedged. The truth is when technology is involved in operating a vehicle all manner of common sense goes out the window.

The current way we drive requires our attention, common sense and logic. Even the way we learn to drive, via the theory test and practical exam, demands human action. Introducing automated vehicles could potentially mean that there’s no need for a car driver or HGV driver to learn driving skills. Will this spell the end of the theory test and practical exam? Only time will tell.

Some commentators say the notion of self-driving vehicles is just a fad, it will never materialise. However, Book Theory Test Today has a different perspective. The prospect of driverless vehicles on Britain’s roads remains a very real possibility.

Why Self-Driving Lorries?  

Supporters of the technology say that it would cut fuel consumption and allow truck drivers to carry out ‘other tasks’ such as administrative duties.

Companies have a vested interest in ‘driverless technology’, not least Mercedes Benz. Plenty of money has been poured into research and technology prototypes and with such investment comes a desire to see this technology on the roads sooner rather than later.


Book Theory Test Today says: “Is the theory test and practical driving exam under threat of extinction in the wake of driverless technology? Not yet at least. The results of a poll conducted by the AA reveal that 65% of drivers, both truck and car, said they would prefer to continue driving in its present state, saying they did not trust a computer to take the wheel.”

However, it’s worth pointing out that younger drivers were much more open to the idea of automated technology for cars. Let’s hope they don’t start on automated motorcycles!!! 

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