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Oh No! Churchill Car Insurance Uncovers Shocking Truth about Britain’s Drivers

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Churchill has landed British drivers in the dog house with a new survey revealing that two-thirds of experienced UK motorists would fail the theory test if they took it again today. Book Theory Test Today investigates.

We’re used to seeing new drivers getting a lot of flak for their driving ability, so it’s refreshing to see the more experienced drivers come under fire.

A new study published by car insurance company, Churchill, has revealed that two-thirds of experienced British motorists would fail a theory test if they had to take it. 

The purpose of the study was to show that today’s learner drivers do not have it easy and to emphasise the importance of keeping road knowledge refreshed.

Although two-thirds of current motorists think they would fail the theory test, further research revealed that 53 percent of UK drivers believe that it should be made compulsory to re-take both elements of the theory test after a certain period of time has elapsed.

When quizzed about the number of years, an overwhelming majority said that drivers should be re-tested after 10 years, while 8 percent said it should be done after five years.

The study, which involved 50 qualified drivers taking a real theory test, showed that questions on road traffic signs were the most difficult for candidates to answer.

Study participants also struggled with questions about vehicle handling, accidents, vulnerable road users and vehicle safety.

Alarmingly, experienced drivers struggled with questions about the rules of the road.

Just 15 percent of people participating in the study feel comfortable with their road knowledge.

In a statement from the head of Churchill Car Insurance, Steve Barrett, he said: “An inability to read the road properly often leads to hesitant and unsafe driving behaviours, so we’d urge all road users to regularly brush up on their knowledge of road signs and regulation, as these are frequently updated.”

The Chief Executive of Red Driving School, Ian McIntosh, had this to say: “It is very worrying that road illiteracy among experienced motorists is so widespread. The theory test is an essential part of a driver’s road education and ensures that motorists can read the road and drive in the safest possible manner. The theory test was introduced in 1996 so there will be a lot of drivers on the road without this grounding.”

Although a number of the experienced drivers in the study struggled with the multiple choice element of the theory test, they fared better with the hazard perception part. It’s likely that their experience on the roads has given them the skills to identify hazards, but has not improved their knowledge of road signs.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Although drivers who predate the theory test have a lot of road experience, highways have evolved dramatically.

There are more cars and signs on Britain’s roads than ever before and these signs are constantly updated. So, it’s easy to see why many commentators are calling for a theory test re-take after a certain number of years.”

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