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Attention New Drivers! Are You Insured?

Every year over 10,000 drivers are banned within months of getting their driving licence. Half of those banned are caught driving without insurance. Book Theory Test Today investigates.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Greetings petrol heads! I have a question for you. That car you’re driving after passing your theory test and practical exam, are you insured on it? If you don’t know or you know that you’re not insured, you’re driving your vehicle illegally. So, go and check now… then come and finish reading.”

Why are we making such a big deal about this? Well, we don’t want you to become one of ‘those’ new drivers banned after doing all the hard work to pass your theory test and practical exam, only to see your licence revoked for having no insurance.

Sky High Premiums

Here at Book Theory Test Today we understand that insurance premiums for young, inexperienced motorists are sky high. Unfortunately, this leads to temptation, which some new drivers succumb to, often taking the risk not to get insured rather than pay extortionate insurance costs.

However, although we understand, we can’t justify skipping your insurance bill because insurance is in place for a reason – to protect you in the event of an accident.

No Insurance Equals No Licence

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “The truth is having no insurance costs you more when you’re caught, and you will be caught. Not only do you get points on, or lose your licence, you stand to receive a hefty fine, which ironically could amount to the cost of your insurance bill. Here’s some simple advice – DON’T TAKE THE RISK.”


A recent Freedom of Information request submitted to the DVSA produced a document that shows, since June 2010, 40,481 motorists have been prohibited from driving on Britain’s highways. What’s disturbing is that all of them were banned within just two years of passing a theory test and practical exam.

How are they getting banned so quickly?

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Did you know? Newly qualified drivers only have to accumulate six points on their licence to receive a driving ban. More experienced motorists have a 12 point limit. So, as a new driver, the odds are not in your favour.”

Of the 40,481 banned drivers, over half (21,148) of the incidents were for operating a vehicle without insurance, which incurs an automatic six point penalty. The maths is simple, drive without insurance; lose your licence, and all that work to pass the theory test and practical exam is undone.

Still a Problem 

However, despite a crackdown on uninsured young motorists, AA president, Edmund King, highlights that there is still a problem: “There is still a hardcore of drivers who are uninsured – usually young men who often have a string of offences to their names.”

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