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Book Theory Test Today: Cost of Learning to Drive Exceeds £1,000

Book Theory Test Today blogger analyses the current cost of learning to drive.

Learner driver? New Government data reveals that learner motorists are now paying more than ever to achieve driving independence.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “On average, learner motorists require 47 hours prior to passing the practical driving test which, at approximately £20 per lesson, equates to £940. Factor in the cost of the provisional licence (£50), practical driving test (£62) and theory test (£25), the total outlay amounts to £1,077. Woah!!!”

After passing the theory test and practical driving exam new, fully fledged motorists then have to think about car insurance, vehicle tax and fuel costs.

The information published by the Government shows that, in addition to 47 hours needed to gain a driving licence, new motorists require 22 hours of independent driving to feel confident on Britain’s roads. All this time is the equivalent of doing three days solid behind the wheel before being able to drive on the UK’s highways proper.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Here at Book Theory Test Today we did a little digging to find out how new motorists are paying these costs. Our research brought us to a survey conducted by on car insurance. According to Go Compare, 16% of new motorists are using their parents’ name to insure a vehicle.”

Although the Government recently announced a reduction in price for the theory test, this latest research shows that motoring costs continue to spiral out of control. The situation is at a point where the number of people applying for a provisional licence, taking theory tests or taking practical driving exams, has plummeted. People simply can’t afford it.

In a statement from David Walkley, owner of Chicane School of Motoring, he said: “People are finding it a little bit more difficult, with the cost of living going up. They’re finding driving lessons are an extra expense. They’re going to university, spending £9,000 on that and then need to save for an extra few years before they come back to the driving.”

He added: “So on the whole, the mean age has gone up. I would say mid to late 20s, or early 30s, is when many people are learning to drive now.”

However, some parents are becoming savvy, saving up money for their children to cover the cost of a provisional licence, a series of driving lessons, a theory test and a practical driving exam.

Some go further, putting money aside for a car and to cover insurance costs, which for new, young drivers is a premium, often amounting to over £1,000.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “The continued rising trend of motoring costs shows no signs of relenting, so putting money aside is certainly an astute idea.”

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