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Leeds Learners Upsetting Locals

What’s troubling the locals in a quiet Leeds suburb? Learner drivers! Book Theory Test Today investigates…

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “There are more learner drivers on Britain’s roads than ever before, all ready to take the theory test and practical driving exam. For one quiet street in a Leeds suburb though, the locals are growing tired of learner drivers. Boo, hiss!!!”

Residents of Gainsborough Avenue and surrounding streets in Adel claim that the area is being ‘overrun’ by swarms of learner drivers practising their road manoeuvres on ‘their’ streets.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Apparently, there could be over half a dozen ‘L-plated’ vehicles on Gainsborough Avenue and the surrounding streets at any one time, say locals.”

One local resident, Dianne Richert, 61, had this to say about the wannabe motorists: “I don’t mind them doing it – everyone has to learn somewhere. It’s just the sheer volume of them – it’s become a bit of an obstacle,” she said.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Vigilant Mrs Richert has kept a detailed record of the coming and goings of learner drivers in her street, counting 72 different driving schools or independent instructors using her street over the past 18 months.”

Mrs Richert, who works as administrative support for a local housing association, added: “You are always being held up trying to get home and if you park on the road your car is used as a point for them to parallel park and you’re concerned that they might catch it. I just think it would be considerate of them to use a few different areas.”

Book Theory Test Today says: “This is a classic case of residents, who are perhaps a driver themselves, forgetting they were once learners and no doubt their presence on the road used to annoy qualified road users. Some streets are selected specifically because they suit the requirements needed to perform a manoeuvre safely without excessive traffic.”

In a statement from Adel and Wharfedale councillor, Barry Anderson, he said: “This has been a constant problem since I was elected 15 years ago. I’ve written to the council’s highways department and the driving test centre at Horsforth to raise the matter.”

He added: “I think they need to reduce the number of times they are using these streets and be sympathetic to local residents.

He continued: “When I’ve raised the issue with police they tell me that we should welcome the presence of all these learners because they act as a deterrent to burglars. I accept that they have to learn somewhere, but I just think they should have a few different areas and rotate them.”

Are you a learner driver in this location? What’s your view? Leave a comment.

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