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34 and 35 driving test attempts for two learner drivers in Teesside

Two learner drivers in Teesside add to the epidemic of needing multiple attempts to pass the driving test. Book Theory Test Today tells their story.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Agonisingly, each of the two learner drivers in Teesside came extremely close to passing the DVSA practical test. In fact, one of them just missed out on recording a perfect test.”

The two unnamed motorists took their test around the Middlesbrough, Thornaby and Hartlepool areas. One took 34 attempts to pass, while the other required 35 attempts before succeeding.

The journey of two learner drivers in Teesside

The motorist requiring 35 attempts failed on six occasions in Middlesbrough then switched to the Hartlepool test centre, but to no avail as they failed the test a further 11 times.

The learner needing one less attempt began their quest for driving test success in Thornaby, at a test centre which has now closed, but not before they managed to fail the test on nine occasions.

They then shifted their quest to Middlesbrough but needed a further 25 attempts before ridding themselves of the ‘L’ plates.

It took the candidate who needed 34 attempts five years to pass the test, spanning between 2006 and 2011.

The two learner drivers in Teesside recorded the fourth and joint-fifth highest number of attempts needed for test success between 2009 and mid-2014, but this includes tests taken earlier if they were required.

The candidate needing 34 attempts actually came desperately close to achieving a perfect test score on their 16th attempt. With no minors, a sudden serious fault left them contemplating what might have been.

On multiple occasions, this particular learner driver came close to test success, but couldn’t quite get across the finishing line. On their 12th attempt, they registered just one minor fault, but again, it was a serious fault that cost them.

It was a major improvement on their first driving test, with the learner driver recording 29 minor faults in addition to six serious faults.

Success at last

However, the story of these two learner drivers in Teesside does end well.

The candidate needing 34 attempts came away from the Middlesbrough test registering just five minor faults. At long last they were able to ditch the ‘L’ plates.

For the driver with 35 test attempts, their first effort resulted in 12 minors and four serious faults. By their 23rd attempt, they were just short of passing, scoring just four minors, but one serious fault ended their hopes on that occasion.

However, the 35th attempted yielded the result they were after. With just six minors and no major faults, this learner driver finally tasted driving test success.

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