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Learner driver in Cambridge? You face frustrating four-month test wait

If you’re a learner driver in Cambridge looking to take your DVSA practical driving test anytime soon, you face a lengthy wait.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Any learner driver in Cambridge, plus the surrounding areas will have to wait up to four-months for a practical driving test because there’s a shortage of available test dates in the city.”

Driving instructors in Cambridge have voiced their frustrations about the lengthy wait for driving tests at the Chesterton Road and Cowley Road test centres in Cambridge.

Growing problem if you’re a learner driver in Cambridge

Instructors say that over the last 12 months the problem is growing steadily worse, forcing learner drivers to look elsewhere for a test date in locations such as Bury St Edmunds, Letchworth or Stevenage.

Book Theory Test Today says: “If you are a learner driver in Cambridge looking to take your test, be warned that you may have to fork out more money for lessons while you’re waiting for a test date to become available.”

The impact

Kevina Haydock, a driving instructor in Huntingdon, said: “For every learner driver in Cambridge, this is becoming all too common. They’re having to wait 20 weeks or more for a driving test date and it’s completely unacceptable. However, this is not just a problem for the learner driver in Cambridge; it’s a problem for the learner driver all over the UK.”

Martyn Furniss, an instructor of nine years in the town of St Ives, said: “As recently as two years ago the waiting time was six weeks. Now I’ve got learner drivers who have passed their theory test and are waiting to tackle the practical exam, but they can’t because no test dates are available.”

He added: “The problem is compounded if a learner driver in Cambridge, or any of its surrounding areas, fails the test at the first attempt. Usually those looking to re-take the test will be ready in two to three weeks, but now they are having to wait four months to have another attempt.”

Driving instructor in Cambridge, Rob Eaton, said: “For every learner driver in Cambridge, this situation is affecting candidates ready to take a test, get mobile and enjoy some independence. It’s immensely frustrating. The majority of local examiners do a very good job. It’s my opinion that the problem is higher up the chain of command.”

Calum Martin, a learner driver in Cambridge who recently failed his test, said: “I’ve got to wait until October 23 before I can re-take the test. It’s pretty annoying as I will have to pay for more lessons. Four months is a really long time to wait and I’ve got to keep on top of it somehow.”

Daniel Zeichner, the Cambridge MP, said: “I will look into the issue. However, we need to establish exactly what the problem is to resolve it. A learner driver in Cambridge should not be waiting four months for a driving test.”

The DVSA’s Head of Operations, Phil Lloyd, said: “We’re aware that the waiting times are currently higher than we would like in the Cambridge area. We’re working to rectify the problem as soon as possible. We’re looking to recruit more examiners in the Cambridge area. For the time being we’re bringing in examiners from other areas.”

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