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What do you reckon it costs a learner driver to get on the road?

Getting your hands on a driving licence is expensive, but just how expensive? What’s your best guess as to how much it could cost you, the learner driver, to get on the road?

If you guessed £774, you’re spot on. This is the average financial outlay for budding motorists wanting to get on the road according to new research. – an online buying and selling portal that’s part of – has apparently managed to calculate the cost of getting a driving licence, taking into account…

  • The cost for a provisional licence
  • Driving lessons
  • The cost to book a theory test online
  • The fee for a practical driving test

…all that even before you even factor in buying a car, tax and insurance.

The research found that learner drivers are attempting to cut costs by taking driving lessons with parents. However, they paid a different price, often suffering from high-stress levels compared with having lessons with a qualified driving instructor.

How many lessons on average does a learner driver need to pass a test?

According to the survey of 2,000 motorists, the average new driver will have 22 lessons before going on to pass a DVSA practical test. Based on the average £25.50 cost of a driving lesson leaners have already spent £561.

Add on the cost for a provisional licence (£43), the fee to book a theory test online, twice (£46), and the cost to book two practical tests (£124), the total expense hits £774. A different survey carried out by LV= in November found that less than 50% of learner drivers are successful on their test first time.

Of the 2,000 motorists polled as part of the survey, more than half (53%) had taken a practical test more than once. However, failing the test was not viewed as a bad thing, according to the study. Drivers taking three attempts to pass were seen as safer drivers overall.

In contrast, those who passed first time were more likely to be involved in an accident the survey said.

Not all learner drivers covering the cost

For a fortunate few, they’re not having to worry about the cost of learning to drive. Nearly a quarter (23%) of survey participants said their first driving lessons were paid for by their parents. A further one in five said that the cost of every lesson they had was covered by their parents.

Some learner drivers benefit even more from the bank of mum and dad. 5% of respondents said they’ve received a new car for Christmas.

How much have you spent to get on the road? How does it compare with’s findings? Leave your comments…

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