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Sep 20

Beware New Driving Licence Scam

Book Theory Test Today has learnt of a new driving licence scam sweeping across social media. Fake DVLA documents, including photocard licences, theory test and practical driving test certificates are being sold for up to £600, with scammers saying that buyers won’t need to sit a driving test to get behind the wheel. The fraudsters […]

Jun 20

Driving Licence Photocard Validity Extended for Motorists

The government has announced that driving licence photocard validity will be extended by 7 months for motorists whose licence expires between 1 February and 31 August 2020. This enables drivers to continue making necessary journeys without worrying about having to get a new photograph to renew their licence. Under normal circumstances, a driving licence photocard […]

Jan 16

Should have been made to rebook a theory test online

In what situation should a learner driver be made to rebook a theory test online? This will do for starters.

Jan 16

Do you have to book a theory test online to become a driving instructor?

Book Theory Test Today clarifies whether you need to book a theory test online to become a driving instructor if you’ve already passed a standard car theory test.

Dec 15

What do you reckon it costs a learner driver to get on the road?

Getting your hands on a driving licence is expensive, but just how expensive? What’s your best guess as to how much it could cost you, the learner driver, to get on the road?

Dec 15

5 dream driving jobs you could get by passing a theory test & practical exam

Passing a theory test and DVSA practical exam could open doors to a dream driving job. Discover 5 driving careers you’ve never thought about until now.

Dec 15

Is it true that new drivers with 6 licence points have to retake a theory test?

Is it an urban myth that new drivers with 6 penalty points or more on their driving licence have to retake a theory test? Book Theory Test Today gives you the facts.

Nov 15

What to expect when booking a theory test in Ireland – Part 1

Is the process for booking a theory test in Ireland different to the UK? Is the theory exam the same? In part one of this series, Book Theory Test Today provides some facts about the Irish driving theory test.

Nov 15

Want to pass your theory test? Don’t take advice from those with a driving licence

A strange request. But, if you want to pass your driving theory test, don’t ask for help from those with a driving licence. Here’s why…

Nov 15

Need to reduce theory test & practical exam stress? How about a new book?

Yes, the DVSA has released a new book to help motorists understand how factors such as attitude, health and mood can affect your ability to pass a theory test, get a driving licence and drive in general. Book Theory Test Today investigates.


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