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A worrying statistic about driving licences

Did you know? 7,000+ motorists on Britain’s roads have retained their driving licence on compassionate grounds despite having 12 points or more on their licence…

Book Theory Test Today says: “It would seem that fluttering your eyelids or telling the DVSA that you’ve had a hard time could help you avoid a driving ban, even if you racked up 12 points or more on your driving licence. I think the saying ‘one rule for one and another rule for others’ certainly applies here.”

Auto Express has confirmed that over 7,000 motorists in Britain were legally permitted to drive in July 2015, despite racking up enough penalty points to incur a ban. A freedom of information request revealed that the total had increased by approximately 500 compared with May 2015.

Ordinarily, a motorist faces a ban if they’ve collected 12 points or more over a period of three years. A newly qualified driver faces a ban should they pick up six penalty points within two years of passing the DVSA practical test.

Exceptional hardship

However, it’s possible that driving offenders can avoid a ban altogether if they’ve experienced exceptional hardship – an excuse that’s allowed serious motoring offenders to continue driving.

A statement from the DVSA said: “In a small percentage of cases, we are aware that a court will exercise discretion and decide not to disqualify a driver. A case whereby an offender retains their licence is usually because magistrates decide that revoking it would cause considerable hardship to the offender.”

A DVSA representative said examples of such cases include people losing their job and as a consequence lose their home, a person who would be unable to care for a relative or the impact on a business that could lead to redundancies.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Imagine the furore if one of these offenders were to cause a major accident or kill someone because the courts believe taking their licence away would be a hardship. Sometimes you have to say that the people making these decisions are utterly, utterly stupid.”

Where in the UK are the drivers with most points?

The most prolific offenders in 2015 include a man from Liverpool who had racked up a whopping 45 points. On three separate occasions he’d been done for speeding and on 5 separate occasions he failed to provide necessary information to authorities.

A man from Lewisham clocked up 40 points, even without holding a full or provisional UK driving licence. This offender had been charged with speeding and operating a vehicle without insurance.

It’s not just the men either, a female from Blackburn recorded 38 points on her driving licence.

Book Theory Test Today says: “It’s an outrage that these ‘motorists’ are allowed back on the road because they’ve lost their job or something. How would that excuse stack up against killing someone on the road? They can always get another job, but you can’t undo causing a serious or fatal accident. The courts in this country are a joke sometimes.”

Should these drivers still be allowed on Britain’s roads? Have your say…

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