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Should have been made to rebook a theory test online

In what situation should a learner driver be made to rebook a theory test online? This will do for starters.

Can you guess what it is? This learner driver has 51 of them. That’s right, 51 points on her provisional driving licence, but legally she’s still allowed behind the wheel. Outrageous, no? Surely she should be stripped of her theory test certificate and made to rebook a theory test online.

You’d think so, but no. DVLA info revealed that the female driver, based in Oxford, had racked up points for a number of offences including:

  • Three instances of exceeding the speed limit in a 30 mph zone
  • Failure to provide her driver’s details on seven separate occasions

Yet a court was said to have ‘exercised its discretion’ by not banning her, despite the humungous number of points she had accumulated.

Book Theory Test Today says: “It’s only our opinion, but this sends a terrible message to learner drivers. Offend as many times as you like on your provisional licence, it’s OK. It would be interesting to see how far the courts ‘discretion’ would carry if her speeding were to end in a vulnerable pedestrian getting killed.”

Not alone

Shockingly, the case of the Oxford learner driver racking up loads of licence points is not a standalone case. Motorists from Basildon, Essex and Liverpool each accumulated 42 points apiece. Both learners had managed to pass a driving theory test, but neither were stripped of their certificates and forced to rebook a theory test online despite a string of offences.

The driver from Basildon, for instance, was clocked doing 109mph when stopped for speeding. In court, their lawyer said that their client would suffer ‘extreme hardship’ if they were to lose their licence. Really? Extreme hardship. What if he’d killed someone? Does a person’s income now supersede a person’s life?


Under normal circumstances, whatever normal is when it comes to driving rules, motorists who accumulate 12 points or more within a three-year period end up losing their licence. In the most serious cases, theory test certificates are voided, forcing offenders to rebook a theory test online and pass the exam again.

Disturbingly though, the DVLA figures from October 2015 show that 7,517 people were still allowed to take to Britain’s roads, regardless of the fact that they had 12 or more points. This represents a nine per cent increase on the figure seven months earlier.

A DVLA spokesperson said: “In the majority of these cases, magistrates may have decided to allow drivers to retain their entitlement to drive where it is considered that disqualification would cause exceptional hardship. However, the vast majority of drivers who get 12 penalty points are automatically disqualified.”

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