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Theory test revision | How much time should you spend revising?

A common question asked on learner driver and student forums is how much time should be spent on theory test revision? Let’s find out…

Working parents and students alike, who are learning to drive, can often be found on forums asking ‘what is a good amount of time to set aside for theory test revision?’ They’re asking because they’re often starved of time, trying to fit in theory test revision around work and the kids or lectures and part-time jobs.

The DVSA recommends that a learner driver should book a theory test online and commit to a minimum of 20 hours of theory test revision prior to sitting the exam. Why so many hours? Well, bear in mind that the theory test is made up of 50 questions, which are selected, at random, from a bank of 1000.

As the questions are random, it’s no good a learner driver picking 50 questions they can answer because chances are, not all of those questions will appear during their theory test sitting, potentially leading to theory test failure.

Therefore, every learner driver looking to book a theory test online or nearing their theory test date needs to be prepared for all 1000 questions. That’s quite a commitment, hence the reason the DVSA recommends 20 hours of study time.

Theory test revision times different for everyone

However, 20 hours is only a recommendation. For some, the amount of time put aside for theory test revision is more, for others it’s less. For working parents and students, the chances are 20 hours is about right, but will take you longer to reach the minimum number of hours due to other commitments.

Tips for working parents and students

The best bit of advice we can give you, and this applies to working parents and students, is ‘only do theory test revision when you want to.’ Don’t do it because you feel like you have too because if you’re not focused, nothing will sink in.

For working parents, we advise setting aside some time on an evening at the weekend or, if you’re not too tired from your day, a week night evening. We recommend an hour or so and if you stick to this, within three weeks you would be fully prepared for your theory test.

If the evening thing is not possible, but your kids are old enough to read, get the family involved. Have your husband/wife or partner, and the kids, fire theory test questions at you. Making it into a game will help you to retain more as there’s an element of competitiveness as you don’t want to get questions wrong in front of the family.

For students, you can incorporate theory test revision into your general programme of study. When you’re not in a lecture at college or university, and you’ve completed your coursework tasks, stick around in the library where it’s quiet. Break out the Highway Code and get revising. Theory test revision is easier to do when you’re already in study mode.

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