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Want to pass your theory test? Don’t take advice from those with a driving licence

A strange request. But, if you want to pass your driving theory test, don’t ask for help from those with a driving licence. Here’s why…

A DVSA online survey of 400 drivers has revealed that less than 23% of them have read the Highway Code since passing their driving test. That’s despite the Code undergoing several changes in recent years to update road rules.

Book Theory Test Today says: “It’s probably safe to assume that many drivers, after passing a driving theory test and practical exam, are unlikely to revisit the Highway Code anytime soon. In fact, many don’t bother with it after they’ve passed a DVSA theory test.”

Now, the DVSA is urging motorists to keep up to date with road rules, especially if they have teenagers about to book a theory test or take a practical exam. Book Theory Test Today says: “Licence holders, with children of driving age, should be setting a good example.”

“In fact, while a learner is studying the Highway Code, parents can use this an opportunity to study with them and update their knowledge.”

DVSA reminders

The results of the survey have prompted the DVSA to encourage motorists to sign up to receive reminders and regular updates about the Highway Code via email or social media. The Highway Code already has a healthy social media following with more than 50,000 Twitter followers and 38,000 likes on Facebook.

Book Theory Test Today says: “The Highway Code’s social media pages are a great place to go for tips and advice if you’re about to book a theory test or take one.”

An updated, online version of the Highway Code is now available on the DVSA website and Book Theory Test Today recommends regular visits for those about to book a theory test, prepping for a theory test and even those with a driving licence. The Highway Code is constantly adapting to Britain’s changing road rules.

The UK transport minister, Lord Ahmad, said: “The Highway Code is not restricted to learner drivers. It’s essential reading for all road users. It’s now easier than ever to refresh your road knowledge using the Highway Code. Ensuring that all road users keep their skills and knowledge up to date will help to keep Britain’s roads amongst the safest in the world.”

In 2014, the DVSA asked for feedback from those already signed up to the Highway Code social media alerts. It said: “83% of respondents reported that their knowledge has improved since signing up to the service, and 63% of respondents said that they have used the road differently.”

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