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DVSA driving theory test booking | What happens after the test?

There’s so much information about making a DVSA driving theory test booking, preparing for the exam and taking it. However, what happens after you’ve finished? You’re about to find out…

So much of your time goes into making a DVSA driving theory test booking, preparing for the exam and then actually taking it, you could be forgiven for not knowing what happens afterwards. Do you just get up and leave and wait for your results in the post? Is there a candidate social when the exam is finished?

The social might be more in hope than expectation, but here’s what you need to know upon completing your DVSA driving theory test.

The test ends when…

You’ve finished the theory test upon completion of the hazard perception element. DO NOT attempt to leave after you have completed the multiple choice question section, many have done so thinking they’ve finished. Remain seated as onscreen instructions will appear indicating the start of the hazard perception section.

After you’ve completed the hazard perception test, you will be prompted to answer a number of customer survey questions. This is your opportunity to give your opinion on the test and suggest areas where improvements to the DVSA driving theory test could be made.

The survey questions are optional, but if you do answer, rest assured that all the information you provide is completely anonymous and confidential. Don’t worry, the survey questions do not form part of your overall test score.

Upon completing the driving theory test, you are free to leave the examination room. However, once you’ve exited you’re unable to re-enter.

When do you get your results?

You’ll receive the results of your theory test almost immediately, usually within 10 minutes of leaving the sitting.

What happens if you’ve passed?

Congratulations! You will be issued with a driving theory test pass certificate, a necessary document for booking your DVSA practical driving exam. Keep it safe! This certificate is valid for two years and if you don’t pass a practical exam in that time, your certificate expires and you’re required to re-take the theory test.

There are NO exceptions to this rule, regardless of your circumstances.

What happens if you’ve failed?

You will need to make another DVSA driving theory test booking and try again. You can book immediately, but you won’t be allowed to take the test for another three clear working days. If you’re unsuccessful, feedback will be provided in a letter detailing why you failed.

Don’t dismiss the feedback

To understand why you were unsuccessful on your theory test, take note of the feedback. For the multiple choice element, you will receive feedback on the areas in which you struggled and the number of questions you answered incorrectly. This will help you narrow down which areas you need to pay attention to when revising.

For the hazard perception element, you will receive a summary of the scores you obtained for each video clip.

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