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Theory Test Wars Women Vs Men Who Is Better?

men-vs-women-theory-testThe results are in and the Book Theory Test Today blogger reveals all. The winner of the theory test wars in the year ending December 2013 is…

The LADIES! But it’s ok, guys still rule the practical driving test and that’s where it counts!!! It’s official for 2013-2014, women are better at passing the UK driving theory test than the men.

A new survey revealed that whilst men are better at passing the practical driving test first time, women were far more superior when it came to conquering the theory test first time round.

Research results show that 60% of men pass their practical driving test at the first attempt. In contrast just 45% of women experience first time success. However, women make amends when it comes to the theory test, with 35% of the ladies passing the UK driving theory test at the first attempt compared with a first time pass rate of just 20% for the gents.

Other research results found that men are 33% more likely to successfully complete the practical driving test at the first attempt than women. However, women are 42% more likely to successfully complete the theory test on the first occasion.

A statement from Britain’s chief driving examiner said: “Men do learn to drive quicker than women because in order to pass the practical test a few manoeuvres have to be completed and this is where women struggle. However, women have a much better grasp of the Highway Code and apply that knowledge to the theory test resulting in a more successful ratio for passing the theory test at the first attempt compared to men.”

The debate over which gender is the better driver has rumbled on for generations, but one common theme also seems to arise and that is women are better at the theory and men are better at the practical.

The survey also uncovered that men are more likely than women to own their first vehicle, with women more likely to drive the car of a parent or partner.

The survey also found that women and men differ in their choice of first car, with women choosing to invest in vehicles that are cost effective, reliable and in a low insurance band. Men on the other hand, opt for higher performance cars that are often costly to insure.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger writes: “These research results certainly show the diversity between men and women when it comes to driving. It’s interesting that men often deem themselves to be better drivers, but it would appear that this research indicates men are not totally justified in their claim.”

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