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The Best Platforms For Theory Test Preparation

preparing-for-theory-testThe Book Theory Test Today blogger reveals the best platforms for theory test preparation.

When it comes to the driving theory test in Britain there now exists multiple learning aids to help you prepare for it. However, some learning aids suit some people better than others. The Book Theory Test Today blogger looks at your options for theory test preparation.

1. Book based theory test preparation – From official theory test titles through to independent books, there are no fewer than 500,000 theory test books in circulation throughout the UK. Official titles are usually updated every year, taking into account any changes to the theory test that may have occurred.

Official theory test books usually cost a little more to buy and, depending on the category, prices range between £3.00 and £30.00. Theory test books exist for all vehicle categories including cars, motorcycles, lorries, buses and coaches and are a worthwhile investment as they can be handed down to other learner motorists once you’ve passed your theory test.

2. Computer based theory test preparation – Similar to book based theory test resources, multiple CD rom resources now exist for learner motorists to prepare for their theory test on a computer. In some ways this is a little more beneficial for learners because the actual theory test is taken on a computer.

Like book based resources, official products exist that cover the entire spectrum of the theory test. Again, they are a little more costly, but give you everything you need in order to be fully prepared for your theory test.

CD rom resources exist for all vehicle categories, with prices starting from as little as £8.00. However, prices do depend on the vehicle category in which you’re planning to take your theory test.

Year-after-year, CD rom resources are updated to account for any changes made to the theory test, keeping them current and ensuring that learner drivers receive the best theory test preparation possible.

3. DVD based theory test preparation – DVD based resources offer a fully interactive learning experience when it comes to the theory test. From the comfort of your sofa, DVD based resources mean that you can sit back, relax and absorb the information needed to pass your theory test.

Similar to book based and computer based learning resources, official theory test DVD learning aids exist. However, DVD resources are perhaps the most expensive of all the learning resources available. So, if you’re working to a budget, investment in DVDs will require some consideration and require a commitment to use them.

If the 3 best learning resources are not for you then the internet provides a wealth of theory test resources to prepare yourself for the theory test. Mock exams and similar aids provide a free solution when it comes to theory test revision. However, Book Theory Test Today recommends that you choose the websites you use carefully. It’s not uncommon to come across sites with out of date information, so beware where you prepare for your test.

Book Theory Test Today offers an intermediary service assisting clients with booking a UK theory test, or practical test, at test centres across the nation. The service also supplies resources to help you prepare for your theory test – Ready to take your theory test? Book your theory test online today…

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