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Need to reduce theory test & practical exam stress? How about a new book?

Yes, the DVSA has released a new book to help motorists understand how factors such as attitude, health and mood can affect your ability to pass a theory test, get a driving licence and drive in general. Book Theory Test Today investigates.

Looking to book a theory test online? Maybe your practical test? Feeling stressed or nervous about it? Don’t worry, help is on hand from the DVSA. They’ve published a new book in partnership with Lisa Dorn, a leading psychologist in the field of driving behaviour.

The ‘Better Driving Guide’ targets drivers looking to develop their skills in unfamiliar driving situations. If you’re about to book a theory test online or your practical exam, but you’re worried about road situations once you’ve passed, the book gives advice on how to handle complicated junctions, driving in bad weather and motorways.

Can the Better Driving Guide help learners with the theory test & practical exam?

Book Theory Test Today says: “Although the book is aimed at drivers who have passed a driving theory test and hold a driving licence, there’s no reason why a learner driver can’t benefit from the guide.

After all, questions about motorways could appear on the theory test and it is possible that learners could end up driving in bad weather during lessons or even on their test, particularly in winter.”

The DVSA’s new book offers guidance on how to recognise road risks, avoid distractions and overcome stress and anxiety, guidance that aims to help motorists become more confident and therefore, safer.

Lisa Dorn, author of the book, said: “Many experienced drivers face challenges, from a lack of confidence on motorways, to how to adapt to new technology, such as driving whilst following instructions from a sat-nav. Despite these challenges, few drivers actually take the time to rectify them, which can cause anxiety and stress, and make driving an unpleasant experience.”

“This book will help address these issues, encouraging drivers to self-reflect, giving concrete advice and helping them to gain more confidence in their driving abilities,” she added.

Book Theory Test Today says: “The book will no doubt come in useful for theory test and practical exams of the future, especially if it addresses the issue of driving while following instructions from a sat-nav. After all, practical exams featuring sat-navs are currently being piloted in Britain.”

DVSA chief driving examiner, Lesley Young, said: “Learning to drive doesn’t end with the driving test, and drivers who take part in continuous training and update their skills are more likely to be safe, confident and considerate.”

“Awareness of their own tendencies behind the wheel, and how to counteract any negative behaviour, plays a major part in keeping drivers and their fellow road users safe,” she added.

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