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5 dream driving jobs you could get by passing a theory test & practical exam

Passing a theory test and DVSA practical exam could open doors to a dream driving job. Discover 5 driving careers you’ve never thought about until now.

Want to make the most of a driving licence? Want to make a living driving? Passing a theory test and practical exam can take you beyond the obvious driving jobs like driving a van, a bus or a taxi.

Think bigger, there are some great opportunities that passing a theory test and practical exam can lead you into and why not? After all, so much time and money will go into passing a theory test and practical exam, a cool career is worth pursuing.

Where can passing a theory test and practical exam lead?

How about a racing engineer?

  1. Racing engineer

Come on, who wouldn’t want to test a racing car? Just imagine how cool that would be. Racing engineers are the connection between driver and mechanics so a good knowledge of driving theory and solid practical experience is a must.

  1. Fire brigade driving instructor

Firemen and women have to learn to drive fire engines somehow. Not many drivers know that careers in driving exist in this field, but now you know. You can contribute to an emergency service that goes out and saves lives.

To pursue a career as a fire brigade driving instructor, passing a theory test and practical exam in the HGV licence category is a must. If you can demonstrate solid teaching attributes – i.e. communicating your driving knowledge – this is quite a rewarding and niche career path.

  1. Military driver

Not just the legendary Land Rover, but passing a theory and practical exam could put you on the path to driving military trucks, motorbikes, tank transporters and cranes. One ex-military man boasted driving licences for no fewer than 26 different vehicle types!

Yes, driving for the military does come with an element of risk as you could be expected to transfer vehicles to war and disaster zones, but the part you play is crucial to military operations.

You would obviously need to join the military to pursue such a career and then commence training as an LGV driver, passing a theory test and stringent practical exam.

  1. Motor racing safety car driver

Watch Formula One motor racing? Ever seen the car that comes out after a crash on the race circuit? You could be driving that car. You’ll need some experience of track driving, but not necessarily at the top level of motor racing.

  1. Factory test driver

Pass a theory test and practical exam and you could end up in the garages of some of the finest car manufacturers. How about a job at Ferrari or Porsche, testing their motors?

A sound knowledge of driving theory and solid practical experience, combined with a qualification in automotive engineering could make your driving job dreams come true.

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