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A blog on fog | How to drive in fog a Book Theory Test Today checklist

The clocks going back at the end of October signify dreary nights and plummeting temperatures for Britain’s drivers. Fog season beckons, too. So, here’s a Book Theory Test Today blog on fog.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Winter weather is not on the side of the driver, whether that’s learner or seasoned. Whatever your driving status, we’ve compiled some top tips on how to drive in fog.”

Just last week, Britain was blanketed by a thick covering of fog, making the morning commute, school run or driving lesson exceptionally difficult for the motorist. It’s probably too much to ask to ditch the car for public transport or cancel that driving lesson so Book Theory Test Today thought we should offer some pointers, even if they’re obvious.

Book Theory Test Today tips for driving in fog

Tip 1 – Use your lights

Please don’t think we’re being patronising, but at 8-9am, you’re not thinking about putting your lights on because you expect it to be clear. Fog doesn’t afford you that luxury, unfortunately. Visibility is the key to safe driving in fog for the safety of other road users as well as your own.

It only takes one motorist on a busy road to be driving along and before you know it there’s a mass car pile-up. That’s why there’s a law that states ‘if visibility levels hit 100 metres or less [about the length of a football pitch] then you should have your lights on.’

It’s recommended that you use dipped headlights, fog lights too when appropriate, but avoid using full-beam as this can be hazardous to other road users.

Tip 2 – Slow & steady

Speed and lack of visibility are a lethal combination, but that doesn’t stop late running parents or commuters behind schedule from putting their foot down. If you value your life, the life of any passengers and other road users, Book Theory Test Today urges common sense. If you can’t see, don’t speed unless you want to wind up dead or seriously injured.

Tip 3 – Plan ahead

Poor road conditions will lead to delays as motorists will be driving slowly, as you should be, and on busier roads, such as motorways, a number of traffic control measures will be in place, including reduced speed limits. So, plan ahead and allow more time for any journey.

Tip 4 – Have demisters and wipers on

Keeping the windscreen and rear window clear enhances your visibility. Whichever works best for your vehicle, use.

Tip 5 – Open you windows

You might get a bit cold, but it’s better to be a bit chilly and have a better view than it is to have reduced visibility and cause an accident.

Book Theory Test Today says: “We can only provide the tips, it’s up to you whether you want to follow the guidance. If you want to stay safe when driving in fog we recommend taking these tips seriously.”

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