That’s how to pass a driving test That’s how to pass a driving test
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That’s how to pass a driving test

Meet Lee Cunningham, the learner driver who achieved a perfect pass on his DVSA practical test. Now that’s how to pass a driving test!

If you need tips on how to pass a driving test, Lee Cunningham’s story will inspire you. If you’re fortunate enough to live in Nuneaton and you’re about to take the DVSA practical driving test, look Lee up and ask him how he managed to pass a driving test without registering a single fault.

That’s right, thanks to the immense efforts of Lee’s driving instructor, Paul Watson, Mr Cunningham came through his driving test fault free. The 41-year-old’s story is proof that you’re never too old to develop new skills and that you can pass a driving test with a perfect score.

Mr Cunningham commended his driving instructor, saying: “Paul Watson is the ‘go to’ man for anyone thinking of learning to drive. He’s an excellent instructor who was always very clear when explaining things to me.”

“I would certainly recommend him to all my friends and family because I picked things up really quickly with Paul. I had tried years ago to learn to drive, but I was terrible at it. I’m so glad that I’ve managed to pass a driving test now and to register a perfect pass is an added bonus,” Mr Cunningham said.

Since passing his driving test, Lee, who’s a recycling operative, can now get from A to B with ease using the family car. Plus, he also drives a van as part of his job.

That’s certainly how to pass a driving test

Not many pass a driving test without registering a minor fault, in fact, it’s extremely rare. However, that’s not the case for driving instructor Paul Watson, for whom many students have managed to pass a driving test without fault, under his tuition.

Mr Watson is a pass-plus certified driving instructor and in addition to standard lessons he offers his students motorway training and intensive driving courses. Mr Cunningham’s achievement under Mr Watson’s tuition has certainly done his reputation no harm.

If you’re based in Nuneaton or nearby, he teaches drivers of all ages – not just 17-year-olds – as he believes that no one is too old to learn to drive. Commenting on Mr Cunningham’s driving test success, he said: “Lee was ready to pass a driving test within three months. I’m a patient, understanding instructor that’s easy to talk to. In the car, teacher and student are a team.”

“If a student makes an error, we hold a question and answer session to devise a solution on how to put those errors right. I always make sure my students have a firm grasp of road safety. A lot of work goes into prepping my students for a theory test and practical driving exam.”

You can book a driving lesson with Paul at –

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