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A Book Theory Test Today guide to theory test apps – part four

With so many theory test apps now available, replacing the old-school CD roms and book resources, it’s difficult to know which will actually help you. Book Theory Test Today reviews some of the most popular theory test apps.

Checked out any of the theory test apps from our previous posts? Not for you? Looking for something more? Well, have we got a treat for you. Here’s an app that takes your learning to the next level…

App five – Drive Coach

What’s so special about Drive Coach? It takes you beyond theory test preparation and even videos showing practical driving manoeuvres, Drive Coach is an app that has the capability to monitor your driving!

That’s right, using the GPS in your phone, Drive Coach can monitor your car’s movements, a little freaky maybe, but highly beneficial for helping you to improve your driving skills. After a driving session, the app will score you on your acceleration, braking and your turns, giving you a rating out of 100.

When it comes to taking the DVSA practical test, confident, well-timed braking and manoeuvres are often the factors that separate a good driver from a test-failing one.

Who’s tracking my GPS?

The Drive Coach app has been developed by car insurance provider AXA, but if you’re concerned about your every driving move being monitored by a giant of the car insurance industry, you can use the Drive Coach app without having to create a profile, leaving you anonymous and free from calls offering you insurance based on your driving ability!

Book Theory Test Today says: “Where most driving apps are about prepping you for your theory test or practical exam, Drive Coach monitors you where it matters, out on the road. The app will give you a really good indication of your strengths and weaknesses as a driver, helping you to correct your driving in areas that you’re struggling with.”

If you really want to avoid a second, DVSA practical test booking you really need to strengthen your skills in those areas you’re having trouble with. Book Theory Test Today says: “This app is for the more advanced learner who’s looking to sharpen their skills ahead of their practical driving test.”

Available on iOS and Android

The Drive Coach app is available for free on iOS and Android. To download for iOS visit the app store and for Android visit Google Play.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of some of the top driving apps. If you use any of them, get in touch and let us know what you think!

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