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Here’s a New One for New Drivers – Motorists Fear You More Than Bad Weather

Book Theory Test Today investigates the outrageous results of a recent study that shows Britain’s drivers fear new motorists more than adverse weather.

New drivers have come under more scrutiny, this time for their winter driving skills. A new study, conducted by Halford’s Autocentres, shows that ahead of adverse weather conditions, black ice, getting stuck in snow or getting stranded, the thing that drivers fear most about winter driving is new motorists.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “So called ‘experienced’ drivers have really got it in for learner and new drivers. This latest farcical study is absolutely outrageous and extremely critical of new road users. This dislike of new drivers is almost on par with drivers’ loathing of cyclists.”

The study reveals that nearly a third of drivers (29.2%) put inexperienced motorists at the top of their list as the most concerning hazard on the road during winter. This was closely followed by skidding on surface water or ice (28%), plus driving in foggy conditions (27%).

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “So concerned are motorists about the ability of new drivers to handle driving in bad weather, 85% of study participants believe that winter driving techniques should be made a compulsory part of the practical exam. They also think more questions should be added to the official driving theory test.”

67% of experienced drivers involved in the study claim that both aquaplaning and skidding in icy conditions represent the biggest threat to new motorists, because they have no experience of dealing with either situation.

Furthermore, how other motorists conduct themselves on the road plays a major part in how confident drivers feel when taking to the roads in poor weather.

64% of study participants believe that other drivers take more risks in winter, and 38% claim that aggressive and inconsiderate driving actually increases during the winter months, which can be extremely intimidating for new motorists.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “The notion that experienced drivers fear new motorists on the road during winter months is a little ludicrous in my opinion. There are plenty of experienced drivers on the road who lose all common sense when road conditions are treacherous during winter.

New drivers are being unnecessarily criticised, they need support, not derogatory comments about their driving during winter.”

In a statement from Stefan Warhaftig, of Halford Autocentres, he said: “Winter road conditions can be challenging for motorists, but it seems that other road users rather than deteriorating weather conditions is what causes drivers the most concern. 

Driving in heavy rain, snow and ice can be daunting, especially for those with no experience of driving in such conditions. And it’s not just new drivers that this affects, last year’s mild winter means that even people who passed their theory test or practical exam in the last couple of years may not have experienced driving in severe weather conditions before.”

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