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UK Theory Test – Stricter Security Measures Introduced For Taking The Theory Test

Following a spate of attempts to cheat the theory test process, the DSA has introduced stricter measures for taking the UK theory test.

The DSA has introduced strict new terms regarding documentation to be supplied when taking the UK theory test, Book Your Theory Test Today understands.

The strict new rules have been implemented to help prevent, amongst other things, individuals attempting to take the theory test, or practical test, on behalf of another candidate.

It has now become more vital to know what documentation you need to provide when attending a theory test appointment. The most important documents you require to take your theory test are your photo card licence, complete with the paper counterpart.

Without either of these, strict new rules mean that your theory test will not proceed. You will lose your test fee and you will need to book your theory test again and pay the fee.

Can a theory test be taken without the paper counterpart?

Book Your Theory Test Today is asked this question frequently and, under strict new guidelines, it is very unlikely that you will be able to take your theory test without the counterpart. However, in special circumstances the DSA may be inclined to accept another form of documentation to verify your identity.

Book Your Theory Test Today recommends that you contact the DSA to check what documentation is acceptable under the guidelines. Simply showing up at the theory test centre without the required documentation will unfortunately not result in a solution so you need to be prepared.

Under the new rules candidates now need to give three full working days notice (including Saturdays) to cancel a theory test. Anything beyond 3 days notice will mean that you lose your fee.

You will also be required to give three working days to reschedule a theory test. Again, failure to give the required notice means that you will forfeit your fee and you will be required to re-book your theory test and pay the fee.

New regulations have also been introduced regarding arrival times. If you’re five minutes late or more, your theory test appointment becomes void and again you will not receive a refund. Therefore, Book Your Theory Test Today recommends that you make every effort to get to your theory test appointment in plenty of time.

Take into account your travelling time, the time of day at which you’re travelling i.e. the morning or evening rush hour, weather conditions and the location of your theory test centre.

In a statement from the DSA, they said: “Whilst the new guidelines may appear strict they are, in the most part, in place to prevent cheats, fraudsters and identity thieves and therefore, we make no apology for implementing these much needed regulations to safeguard the theory test process.”

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