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UK Driving Theory Test Pass Rates Down in 2013 says DSA

Book Theory Test Today can officially reveal that pass rates for UK driving theory tests, across all vehicle types, are down in the year ending June 2013 following the publication of annual statistics by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

Between April and June 2013 there were 350,380 car theory tests conducted across the UK, whilst the number of driving theory tests for cars increased by 12.9% compared with figures from 2012, the pass rate was down by 8.6% with 52.2% of candidates registering a ‘passing score’.

In a statement from Book Theory Test Today, they said: “The decline in pass rates has been attributed to new, unpublished questions, added to the UK driving theory test in January 2013. Those failing to pass the theory test in January will also explain the surge in the number of tests taken between April and June 2013 as they will have re-booked their driving theory test in order to attempt it again.”

The number of motorcycle theory tests conducted between April and June 2013 had fallen by 30% when compared with figures from the same quarter in 2012

In an official statement from the DSA, they said: “The surge in the number of motorcycle theory tests taken during this time reflect the after-effects of a rush to pass the practical test before new limits on young motorcyclists were introduced.

There was a similar pattern to be found for large goods vehicle (LGV) and passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) motorists. There was a surge in the number of theory tests taken for these vehicle types, but the pass rate was down by 6.7%.

Despite the decline in car theory test pass rates, the pass rate for the practical element of the test saw a marginal increase of 0.2%. Between April and June 2013 the number of car practical tests conducted had decreased by 1.8% when compared with figures 12 months previously. The official pass rate hit 47.4%. It’s understood that 355,255 car practical tests were undertaken between April and June 2013.

Following publication of the figures the DSA released a further statement asserting that: “The total number of practical tests (which is dominated by car driving tests) has been on a downward medium-term trend, decreasing by 12% between 2007/8 and 2012/13.”

The DSA went on to attribute this ‘downward trend’ to a couple of key factors:

* The increase in the number of practical driving test pass rates, meaning fewer candidates are having to undergo a retest

* A demographic trend of declining birth rates during the 1990s, meaning that there are now fewer young people in the peak age-group for driving tests (17-20). Population data suggests that this trend is likely to continue until late in the current decade, before reversing

Minor factors affecting the number of car practical tests taken include seasonal weather factors. For instance fewer candidates are inclined to take a car practical driving test in winter months. Administrative changes also have an impact. For instance changes to theory test questions mean

candidates delay taking the theory test and this results in delays to taking the practical element of the test.

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