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Theory test candidate thrown out of exam for carrying blood glucose monitor

The DVSA has really outdone themselves this time, deeming a blood glucose monitor an ‘inappropriate item’ to have in a theory test.

Lowri Jones, 17, said she was left ‘humiliated’ after being thrown out of her theory test, accused of cheating. Her ‘offence’? Carrying a blood glucose monitor crucial to her health.

Miss Jones suffers from type one diabetes, but despite informing officials at the Chester test centre that she had the monitor on her person and needed it at all times, she was removed from the exam room.

Ironically, she was initially given permission to take the device in with her. However, midway through her theory test sitting, DVSA officials escorted her from the building in tears, deeming the device to be an ‘inappropriate item.’

Miss Jones, who has suffered from type one diabetes since the age of 12, said: “Upon my arrival at the Chester theory test centre, I explained to officials about my condition and that I had the reader on me. It’s crucial for me to keep it on me having suffered fits in the recent past.”

She added: “Staff told me it was ok and they even watched me enter the exam room and sit down. With just 10 questions left my reader was confiscated and they led me out. I was told that I’d been disqualified from the theory test for possessing an item used for cheating and I was asked to gather my personal items and leave.”

Mum slams DVSA decision to remove Lowri from the theory test

Nia Pritchard, Miss Jones’ mother, criticised the DVSA’s decision to remove her daughter from the theory test. She said: “Her condition is serious and she’s suffered fits before and I’ve had to physically revive her from them. She’s also been hospitalised on several occasions as a result of her illness.”

On the DVSA website, there is a rule that states that ‘all’ personal items should be locked away and prohibited from entering the theory test sitting.

Miss Lowri, from Northop, Flintshire, in north Wales recounts her experience: “It was extremely humiliating, especially with other theory test candidates and officials thinking I am a cheat. I left feeling embarrassed, even though it’s no fault of my own that I need the device. I went to my mum in tears after the ordeal.”

“Her condition makes her self-conscious anyway, she despises having it and I’m outraged that the DVSA has treated her in this way. She just wants to pass her theory test, she had no intention of cheating,” said Lowri’s mother.

In the aftermath of these events, Lowri confirmed that the DVSA had been in touch to offer their apologies and to organise a free theory test at the Chester centre.

Elizabeth Smith, head of theory test contract management at the DVSA, said: “Our apologies go out to Lowri for the inconvenience caused and a theory test sitting, free of charge, has now been arranged. Additionally, a review will be carried out into our procedures regarding medical equipment in the exam room.”

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