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See what happens when you text and drive

‘To text and drive is inviting serious injury or death.’ Don’t believe us? Then our latest blog, come vlog will hopefully open your eyes.

Book Theory Test Today says: “We get it, you don’t like being told you can’t use your mobile phone behind the wheel. You think that some jobsworth has sat behind a desk and decided to put this rule in place to annoy motorists. Well, you’d be wrong. You’d have to agree that if every motorist on the road was texting at one time there would be anarchy.”

Now, chances are you’ve spotted someone using their mobile phone at the wheel and there’s not a police unit in sight. It’s human nature to think ‘if they can get away with it, why can’t I?’ Therein lies the problem. As soon as one motorist is seen doing it, every motorist thinks they can get away with it.

Text and drive USA                         

To highlight just how dangerous it can be to text and drive, we’re going to use our friends across the pond as an example. Did you know? Every day in the USA nine people are killed and 1,153 are injured on the roads because of a distracted driver. We’re not saying all these accidents can be attributed to mobile phones, but we’d guess that a lot of them are.

Mobiles phones have become such a part of our daily lives that they never leave our side, apart from when we sleep or they require a charge. However, to highlight just how dangerous a phone can be in a car one Belgian organisation came up with a really great way to educate learner drivers.

Responsible Young Drivers

The Responsible Young Drivers organisation enlisted the help of a driving school and a driving instructor and conducted a social experiment that fast went viral. Every person in the video was taking their driving test and were given just one condition for passing…

…‘prove you can text and drive, then you will earn your licence.’

The car used for the ‘text and drive’ test was equipped with hidden cameras, capturing each learner driver attempting to text and drive. The results of the video are extremely powerful.

In the video, you will see learners asked to send a text message at the request of the driving instructor. While texting, they were asked to avoid a course of traffic cones and other obstacles put in their way. You’ll witness drivers swerving, panicking and braking heavily in the video, emphasising just how difficult and dangerous it is to text and drive.

One student comes close to tears as the instructor says: “Imagine what you just hit was a child.”

Watch the video and share it. After all, it could save lives.

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