Bristol in top ten list for theory test fails Bristol in top ten list for theory test fails
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Bristol in top ten list for theory test fails

Boasting high theory test and practical exam pass rates just 12 months ago, Bristol’s theory test success rate has plummeted. What went wrong?

Bristol has made the top ten list for theory test fails. However, learner drivers in the city can take solace that they’re not alone in racking up a high number of theory test fails. A survey of 41,000 motorist conducted by put Bristol as the ninth city with the highest number of theory test fails.

Top five cities for theory test fails

The top five cities recording the highest number of theory test fails were London, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham and Birmingham.

Bristol voted worst city for motorists

Just one year ago, Bristol boasted some of the country’s highest theory test and DVSA practical driving exam pass rates, but was also voted Britain’s worst city for motorists.

Referring to speed limits, parking zones, bus lanes, one way systems and even theory test conduction, 12 months ago the Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) identified Bristol as one of the country’s worst for drivers. said: “It’s not uncommon for some of the larger, more difficult to navigate cities to come out on top for the number of theory test fails. This does raise some serious concerns about safety on city roads.”

What’s causing theory test fails in Bristol?

Apparently, three questions in particular have left a number of theory test candidates in Bristol, stumped.

  1. In which three situations may you overtake another vehicle on the left?

Most common answer selected: When approaching a motorway slip road where you’ll be turning off.

  1. What can Highway Agency Traffic Officers do?

Most common answer selected: Stop you for speeding.

  1. If a driver flashes their headlights, what should you do?

Most common answer selected: Move out of their way.

Director of marketing and business intelligence at, Dermet Kelleher, said: “The top ten cities where theory test fails are most likely to occur are some of Britain’s busiest.

Therefore, it’s even more crucial that drivers continue to test themselves in order to keep their driving theory knowledge up-to-date, even after they have passed the theory test.”

Book Theory Test Today says: “The fact that a top ten list for theory test fails even exists, highlights that studying for the theory exam is crucial. Too many candidates turn up expecting to wing it, but the test is a serious part of driver assessment and a learner driver’s development. It should not be approached lightly.”

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