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Theory Test Pass Rates Rise in First Two Months of 2014 Reports Book Your Theory Test Today

Data released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reveals that UK driving theory test pass rates have increased in the first two months of 2014 compared with the same period in 2013.

Since driving licences were first introduced in 1903 the route to achieving a driving licence has altered drastically over 111 years. Back in 1903 there was no requirement to take a theory test or even a practical driving exam, you simply applied for a licence and it was issued.

Those days are now a distant memory and since 1934 motorists have been required to undergo some form of test in order to qualify for a UK driving licence.

In 1996 the theory test was introduced, firstly as a written exam, before being updated to a computer-based test in 2000. As an addition to the theory test, the DSA launched the hazard perception test in 2002.

Early pass rates of the theory test were low as motorists adapted to being examined in order to qualify for a UK driving licence. However, year-on-year since 1996 theory test pass rates have steadily increased and early indications for 2014, according to the ONS, reveal that theory test pass rates are at their highest since it was introduced.

For the months January – February 2014 the theory test pass rate has reached 65%. However, despite a positive rise in the number of theory tests being passed, the pass rates for practical driving exams has decreased to less than 50% (43% to be exact).

In a statement from a DSA spokesperson, they said: “The decline in the number of practical driving exams being passed is often attributed to nerves. Many of those who pass the theory test have no problem with the theory associated with driving. However, putting that theory into practice can be a stumbling block for learner motorists, especially younger drivers.”

The spokesperson added: “In fact some motorists about to take the practical driving exam fail the test before they even start the engine, failing the standard eyesight test that’s carried out as the first step of the exam.”

Whilst the DSA acknowledges a significant rise in the number of theory tests being passed they are concerned that a high proportion of those who pass the theory test will not go on to achieve a full UK driving licence.

In an official statement from the DSA, they said: “We recognise that the ONS report has revealed some positive information regarding theory test pass rates for the early part of 2014. However, at present these results remain insignificant if those potential motorists passing the theory test do not go onto obtain a full UK driving licence.”

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