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Research Reveals Young Drivers’ Driving Skills Don’t Improve Until They Reach 25

New research conducted by car insurance specialists, Admiral, claims that new drivers do not reach driving maturity until 25-years-of-age. Book Your Theory Test Today Investigates the claims.

‘It is not until motorists reach the age of 25 that their accident statistics see a vast improvement’ that’s the claim made by car insurance providers, Admiral.

Book Your Theory Test Today looks at the evidence provided by Admiral in order to gauge how they reached this conclusion.

For all the effort put in by learner motorists to pass the UK theory test and practical driving exam, all that hard work is often undone because of the stigma attached to being a new driver, especially a young new driver.

According to evidence alluded to by Admiral they raised numerous points about young motorists, Book Your Theory Test Today can confirm.

Admiral claims that:

* Young motorists are 50% more likely than average to be involved in a crash.

* The average cost of a motoring incident involving a young motorist is twice as high when compared with motorists across all age brackets.

* Accidents involving young drivers are five times more likely to involve serious injury.

* Young motorists are four times more likely to receive a conviction for careless driving when compared with the ‘average’ motorist.

In a statement from Admiral, they said: “Our research highlights just how poor the driving record of young motorists is when compared with older drivers. The information we compiled is pretty conclusive, identifying that 17 and 18 year old motorists are twice as likely to have a road accident as someone in their 30s, three times as likely as someone in their 40s and six times as likely as someone aged over 50.”

Admiral’s results stem from a survey of 2 million drivers, which discovered that 13% of those drivers surveyed, aged 17 and 18, had been involved in a crash. This compares with 6.5% of motorists overall.

Book Your Theory Test Today also understands that Admiral discovered that it’s not just the number of accidents that portrays young motorists in a bad light. The cost of covering an accident involving a young motorist is also a cause for concern.

According to Admiral the average cost of a road accident involving 17 and 18 year olds amounts to approximately £3,500. Compared with drivers overall this amount is halved, totalling just £1,741. Admiral claims that this indicates more young drivers are involved in collisions at high speed often leading to someone getting injured.

In a statement from Sue Longhorn, Admiral’s managing director, she said: “From our point of view driving experience makes a huge difference and is one reason older motorists have lower premiums. Another explanation why young drivers have a worse driving record is peer pressure. They will often drive with their friends as passengers and some feel a need to show off; driving too fast and taking

risks. Combined with their lack of experience, this can prove fatal; road accidents are the biggest cause of death for young people.”

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