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Road Rage Drivers Dubbed ‘Wimps’ By New Research

Book Theory Test Today investigates interesting new findings that deem road rage drivers to be wimps.

Road rage, many motorists are partial to a bit or horn honking, light flashing and the odd unsavoury hand gesture. However, a new study claims that motorists who are prone to road rage are actually really scared of driving, Book Theory Test Today can reveal.

According to the study, Britain’s least willing drivers are also the most likely to experience bouts of road rage, the results of the five year research showed.

Researchers discovered that motorists who rack up the most miles are divided by those who have a passion for motoring and those who feel that their career makes them a slave to their vehicle.

Book Theory Test Today understands that the research is based on an analysis of the driving habits of AA members, undertaken by market research group, Populous.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Unfortunately there’s nothing within the theory test or practical driving exam that covers road rage. If you’re unfortunate to be on the receiving end of road rage it can be quite an unpleasant experience.”

The study, titled ‘A Portrait Of Motoring Britain’, highlights six different types of motorists. But, across all six categories, they were united on two themes – disgruntlement with the cost of motoring and strong opposition to proposals for pay-per-mile road charges.

An excerpt from the report reads: “Some of the UK’s most reluctant drivers ­prefer to stay off the road in bad weather, dislike motorways, loathe night driving and like speed cameras. However, should you cross them whilst they’re driving, you will encounter their wrath. They are prone to honk the horn, flash lights and confront other motorists.”

In a statement from Edmund King, president of the AA, he said: “Those under pressure have lower tolerance of others and kick back against restrictions that make their motoring harder. Across the spectrum of drivers, there are two concerns that unite them: fear of the rising cost of motoring and the threat of road charging.”

He added: “At least three in every 10 struggle to continue driving because of the cost of motoring – which probably explains why at least 64 per cent in all groups oppose pay-as-you-go roads.”

In an article published by the Express newspaper, Book Theory Test Today can reveal that there are six types of motorists that the study categorises drivers into. Which relates to you?

Driving To Live

Averaging 10,800 miles a year, driving most days and about 18% of drivers.
They feel they have become slaves to their cars


Motorheads: 10,500 miles (21%)

Driving most days.
They regard getting behind the wheel as a joy


More Than Motoring: 6,700 miles (18%)

Driving less regularly.
They resent driving but know they need a car

Rogue Drivers: 8,700 miles (13%)

Driving most days.
They routinely bend the rules while on the road and are prone to have a short fuse

Way Of Life: 9,600 miles (14%)
Driving most days.
They just use their cars to get around

Reluctant Drivers: 6,800 miles (16%)

Drive reasonably regularly.
They are the most timid – and bad tempered


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