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UK Theory Test To Feature All New Road Signs

Book Your Theory Test Today reveals all new road signs to feature in the UK theory test.

From April 2014 the UK driving theory test will feature all new additional road signs for test candidates to learn in order to pass their theory test.

All new signs will be added to all categories of signage that feature in the UK theory test. Candidates can expect to see new signs introduced to the following categories:

* Signs Giving Orders

* Warning Signs

* Direction Signs

* Information Signs

* Road Work Signs

Improving the ‘quality’ of theory test questions has become a primary priority for the DVLA in 2014 as they look to educate young motorists to a high standard as they prepare for life on Britain’s roads.

Whilst no information has yet been released as to which signs will be introduced to the new look theory test, Book Your Theory Test Today understands that candidates can expect anywhere between 5 & 10 signs to be added to each signage category in the very near future.

Research conducted by the DVLA revealed that 47% of new motorists are unfamiliar with a number of road signs positioned across the UK road network. The research indicated that new road users had not come across numerous road signs as part of their theory test. Even if they had, some research respondents said they never truly understood what they meant.

However, Book Your Theory Test Today can reveal that it’s not just young motorists who struggle with the meaning of some road signs. A recent survey in London revealed that a staggering 62% of motorists in the capital could not understand what certain road signs meant.

Even London cabbies, with drivers that have over 20 years’ experience on Britain’s roads, struggle to interpret some of Britain’s more recently introduced road signs.

In a statement from the DVLA, they said: “In order to find out what impact road signs have, who better to ask than those who come across them on a daily basis? Our research found that a number of signs actually cause more confusion than give direction, therefore, we have to look at ways to improve education, starting from the grassroots of driving, which begins with the theory test.”

The statement continued: “By adding a broader range of signs to the UK theory test young motorists will become more familiar with them and begin to understand their meaning rather than being left baffled. The purpose of the road sign is to provide instruction whether that be notice of a warning, giving direction or giving information, motorists need to recognise and understand them.”

Book Your Theory Test Today recommends that any learner motorist looking to take a UK theory test in the foreseeable future should brush up on their road sign knowledge. For theory test resources you can visit the official Book Your Theory Test Today website –

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