Driving in Britain? Removing Road Markings Will it Work? Driving in Britain? Removing Road Markings Will it Work?
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For Better Driving in Britain Take Away Road Markings and Signs

It’s a craze that has swept across Europe, the removal of road markings and signs in order to improve driver safety. Bizarre maybe, but it seems to work. This is Book Theory Test Today and Britain without road markings.

What Europeans say about Driving in Britain

Driving in Britain could be improved if only road signs and markings were removed. That’s the opinion of Dutch traffic expert, Hans Monderman.

Europeans say that driving in Britain is famous, or infamous [depending on which country it is], for being a little too law abiding.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Let’s be honest, removing road markings and traffic signs would make the theory test and practical driving exam much easier. However, would Britain cope with road chaos similar to scenes seen in India? Perhaps not, after all driving in Britain has etiquette.”

Having been to India, I can honestly say that there are no road rules, it’s a world away from driving in Britain. The fact is you do take your life into your own hands, or for a truer assessment, the hands of a taxi or rickshaw driver.

The Case for Abolishing Road Signs and Markings

Many European towns and cities are doing it, reporting vast improvements in road safety.

The thinking behind it is incredibly simple – strip the road of rules and drivers have to think for themselves, resulting in vehicles slowing down and giving their actions some thought.

Of the European towns and cities operating with scaled back road rules, many report that pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users are getting greater consideration.

Monderman says: “The greater the number of rules, the more drivers’ sense of personal responsibility dwindles. The many rules strip us of the most important thing: the ability to be considerate. We’re losing our capacity for socially responsible behaviour.”


Many psychologists agree with Monderman’s view that removing the rules changes driving behaviour. They refer to several studies, which indicate that most motorists ignore road signs. Why? They’re so used to seeing them so drivers simply don’t acknowledge them because they think they don’t apply to them or are completely irrelevant.

Remove the Assumption of Safety

Remove signs and suddenly a driver’s notion of the road changes. They are no longer safeguarded by the rules, which they rely on to protect them. The brain needs clues as to where to drive, but they’ve disappeared.

This results in the brain forcing a driver to slow down to locate the information needed. The same principle applies when a driver is heading to a location unfamiliar to them, they slow down to find a street sign or house number.

Will Britain Embrace Roads without Rules?

Book Theory Test Today says: “Doubtful. If you consider Britain’s reluctance to embrace the Euro currency, like the rest of Europe, it’s unlikely we’re going to start taking road advice from other European nations.”

For the foreseeable future driving in Britain will remain pretty much the same, but the truth is current road rules are not reducing road collisions. So, perhaps it’s time for Britain to rethink road rules and introduce ‘naked highways’ as it’s definitely working overseas.

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