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Do stop signs really mean stop?

In a word, yes! A stop sign really does mean stop. Here’s a quick guide to the rules concerning stop signs…

Book Theory Test Today says: “Yes, we really are blogging on stops signs. Why? Well, many learner drivers have witnessed motorists simply slowing at stop signs, but continuing their journey if the way is clear. Yes, this does happen, but do it on your driving test and you risk failing.”

Understanding where and why stop signs are positioned

Stop signs are positioned at selected intersections in order to control the flow of traffic, limiting rights-of-way safely. Most roads in the UK have physical stop signs or an ‘implied’ stop sign.

What are implied stop signs? It’s not actually a physical sign or road marking, it’s more a case of a driver knowing that they need to come to complete stop at this location. For example, crosswalks, neighbourhood streets, school zones, parking areas and junctions not controlled by traffic lights, are implied stop signs.

Knowing right of way rules at stop signs

At a junction, even though there may be a stop sign present, motorists still need to consider right-of-way rules in order to cross junctions safely.

Did you know? The driver who reaches a stop sign first at an intersection has the right-of- way ahead of anyone coming from any other direction.

In the event that two vehicles reach a stop sign at the same time, the car on the right side of the driver takes the right-of-way. However, in this instance make sure you’re aware of who stopped first when letting a driver on your right continue their journey.

Understand that stop really does mean stop

It doesn’t mean slow down to five miles an hour and if the way is clear, carry on. It doesn’t mean continue at your current speed and check the road to your right is clear and continue your journey. It means bring your vehicle to a standstill. By law, all wheels on your vehicle must not be moving. If you fail to comply during your driving test, you stand to fail.

When stationary at a stop sign you need to check both ways before continuing on your journey. If your view is too obscured to continue safely, edge forwards in order to widen your view and move off safely.

It’s also crucial that you wait for your right-of-way as this will maintain your safety, the safety of other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Stops signs are not in place to make the road look pretty, they exist to ensure that traffic flow is maintained and to ensure safety at numerous junctions. Be sure to abide by them when taking your test as this could be the difference between passing and failing your driving exam.”

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