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Range Rover road rage leaves driving instructor with broken elbow

A terrified learner driver witnesses ‘Range Rover road rage’ first hand as his driving instructor has his elbow broken by an impatient buffoon. The instructor recounts the experience…

It was just another ordinary driving lesson for Essex driving instructor, Chris Barnett, who was totally unprepared for the bout of Range Rover road rage about to befall him. Mr Barnett was left with a broken elbow following an altercation with a Range Rover driver who slammed a car door on him.

Book Theory Test Today says: “They’re not all like it, but some motorists driving these big 4×4 vehicles around think they own the road. In reality, they are buffoons who think they can bully and intimidate because they have a big car. It’s unsurprising that these guys in this case of Range Rover road rage targeted a vulnerable learner driver and his instructor. Idiots.”

Mr Barnett was tutoring George Connor, who was taking his fourth driving lesson at the time of the incident. George was struggling to pull away at a busy junction just before Range Rover road rage struck.

Just as George began moving, the Range Rover driver overtook him and then stopped immediately in front of the learner’s vehicle, forcing Mr Barnett to apply the dual control brakes abruptly.

Range Rover road rage

What followed was a heated confrontation. First one man in a black top gets out of the Range Rover and remonstrates with Mr Barnett. The argument appears to end as quickly as it began, with the first man heading back to the Range Rover. However, a second, elderly gentleman emerges from the Range Rover to continue the argument.

As Mr Barnett opens the front passenger side door to confront the second man, the elder man slams the door on Mr Barnett’s arm. The whole incident was captured on video by the vehicle’s dashboard camera.

Recounting the moment of Range Rover road rage, Mr Barnett said: “I’ve had the camera installed for a couple of years because incidents do occur, but I’ve never experienced an incident on this scale before.”

He continued: “The driver of the Range Rover decided to overtake us and then stop immediately in front of us. George tried to brake, but I had to do it for him. The first man threatened to break my fingers off, then an older guy got out of the vehicle and started waving his fist through my window.”

He added: “At this point I opened the door as an obvious showing that I wasn’t going to tolerate his behaviour. Then I told them I was going to call the police and that’s when the older guy slammed the door on my arm, fracturing my elbow.”

A spokesperson for Essex police said: “Contact was made with the police regarding an assault following an incident of road rage. A thorough investigation was conducted, but there was insufficient evidence to pursue this matter.”

Book Theory Test Today says: “Insufficient evidence? The police are obviously going blind. In an age when everything can be caught on video, how could they not see that this was clearly a case of Range Rover road rage resulting in someone having their arm broken? Nice to know the police are now assault selective.”

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