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West Midlands Theory Test Centres See High Failure Rates

Book Your Theory Test Today reveals the West Midlands theory test centres named and shamed for high failure rates.

Latest theory test failure rates reveal that Wolverhampton, Cannock, Lower Gornal, Wednesbury and Birmingham theory test centres are experiencing a high number of candidates failing their UK theory test.

However, the figures recorded are not attributed to a wide proportion of people they are actually attributed to a small minority of individuals who are simply unable to pass the test.

Book Your Theory Test Today understands that in Wolverhampton one theory test candidate took 26 attempts at the exam before emerging successful.

In Lower Gornal one individual took 19 attempts to pass the theory test, whilst at the Cannock theory test centre it took another candidate 27 attempts.

Another candidate at the Wolverhampton theory test centre, outshining the candidate who failed the theory test 26 times, failed the exam a staggering 49 times.

However, the highest theory test failure rate was attributed to one candidate at the Birmingham theory test centre who failed the multiple choice exam an astonishing 80 times.

The data also revealed that the oldest person to pass the theory test alone, during the time which these figures were recorded, was a 99-year-old at the Birmingham theory test centre.

The oldest person to pass both the theory test and practical driving exam was an 80-year-old in Wolverhampton.

Spokesman for the Alliance of British Drivers, Brian Macdowall, said: “The alarmingly high rate of theory test failures taking place across the West Midlands is worrying.”

He added: “It raises a lot of questions that someone needs to take that many theory tests before passing and I think a case could be made for there to be a cut-off point, but that is a decision that would have to be made by the Government and driving groups.”

He continued: “I do believe that everyone has the absolute right to take their theory test as many times as they need until they pass because not everyone has the same ability, however, it is slightly concerning that somebody could take this many attempts.”

Wolverhampton’s Book Your Theory Test Today says: “It’s often the assumption that the UK theory test is easy to pass without preparation, this is simply not the case. Like any other exam, revision is essential to give candidates the best possible platform for passing the theory test.”

The research found that the West Midlands area had one of the highest theory test repeat rates in Britain with 46% of candidates known to have repeated the exam on at least one occasion.

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