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Driving Theory Test Failure Strikes Northern Ireland

The continuing decline of driving theory test pass rates in the UK has spread to Northern Ireland it seems. Latest driving theory test failure figures have been splattered across the Belfast Telegraph. What’s going on with the nation’s learner drivers? Good job Book Theory Test Today a 3 free retests scheme.

Learner drivers in Northern Ireland are experiencing ‘chronic driving theory test failure’ according to annual statistics. Damning data, published by Dfi Driver, Vehicle, Operator and Enforcement, found that wannabe motorists taking the taxi theory test had the lowest pass rate of 76,000 people who attempted a theory test in the year 2016-17.

With a paltry 19 percent pass rate, the taxi theory test success rate ranks well below the 84 percent pass rate of learner drivers in the passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) hazard perception test.

Driving Theory Test Failure Blamed on Changes

Meanwhile, the theory test pass rate among private car owners has plummeted from more than 66 percent in 2008/2009 to below 47 percent in 2016/2017.

A DVA spokesperson said that ‘changes to theory test questions in January 2012 – designed to encourage more thorough preparation by candidates – could be to blame for increased driving theory test failure rates.’

Despite a nine percent rise in the number of theory tests taken in Northern Ireland, the pass rate has continued to decline year on year, which begs the question – are changes to test questions really the problem?

It could be argued that lack of preparation is the root cause of the slump. You can’t get through the theory test by winging it! Let’s face it learner drivers have gotten lazy when it comes to the theory exam.

Is it a coincidence that incidents of cheating and people taking tests on behalf of candidates has risen, while pass rates plummet. Heck, there are even theory test gangs taking money from learners drivers offering to pass their test for them.  

We get it, you spend your younger years in school and there are SATs, GCSEs and maybe ‘A-Levels’ and just when you’re free of the education system, you’re faced with more exams to gain some sort of independence. The urge to cheat is tempting, but I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase from your parents ‘cheats never prosper’ – they’re right.

What Next for the Theory Test?

Now over 20 years old, has the theory test had its day? With driving theory test failure rates rising every year – not just in Northern Ireland, but across the UK – is the system actually educating learner drivers? It might be time for the powers that be to do more than switch a couple of questions…

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