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Theory test failure numbers high in North Wales

Statistics recently published by the DVSA have exposed those locations across Britain with a high number of theory test and practical driving test failures. North Wales is one of those areas on the list of poor performers in the driver testing stakes… Where’s it going wrong?

Book Theory Test Today says: “The spotlight is on Britain’s learner drivers following the release of the DVSA’s statistics, and those areas with high theory test and DVSA practical test failure numbers are being ruthlessly exposed by the country’s media.”

“Do the latest numbers highlight a deeper problem with Britain’s driver testing methods? Yes, they’re outdated and need reform, fast.”

Theory test & practical exam misery for Bangor

According to the DVSA figures, Bangor tops the list for the most number of theory test and practical exam failures, not just in North Wales, but the entire country. Out of all the candidates taking the driving theory test in the city between April and June this year [2015], less than half [45.7%] successfully completed the exam.

The percentage figure is taken from the 1,618 people who sat their theory test of which, only 740 emerged with a theory test pass certificate. These results left the city of Bangor 11th on the list of locations across the whole of Britain that are performing poorly in terms of equipping the next generation of drivers.

North Wales a ‘hotspot’ for theory & practical test failure

Bangor was not alone in bringing the country’s overall pass rates down. Rhyl’s theory test results were only marginally better than Bangor with the town recording a meagre 46.2% pass rate, which is below Britain’s national average of 49%.

For female learner drivers in Bangor, there is some consolation for you as you narrowly outperformed the men on the theory test. The number of females passing reached 46%, compared to 45.4% of men. Across much of Britain, the opposite is true, with men outperforming women on the theory and practical exams.

Poor performing practical test centres

Wrexham holds the unwanted crown for the least number of practical test passes between April and June 2015, with a meagre 42% success rate. Their poor performance is closely followed by Rhyl [44.1%], Bangor [52.9%] and then Aberystwyth [55.3%].

Commenting on Bangor’s poor performances, driving instructor at Bangor Driving Academy, Irene Sargeant, said: “The low theory test pass rate could be attributed to the high number of foreign people taking the test in Bangor.”

She added: “A lot of foreign people attend Bangor University, with many more living and working in the city. They sit the tests without speaking, or understanding, proper English. If their English is sub-standard, they will ultimately fail because some of the questions are really difficult to answer. In Britain, the rules of the road are also very different.”

Sargeant went on to say that too many people book a theory test way too soon. ‘They are booking it without having sought advice from a driving instructor,’ she said.

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