Taking Driving Theory Test about to get harder in Stevenage Taking Driving Theory Test about to get harder in Stevenage
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Taking a Driving Theory Test about to get harder in Stevenage

Taking a driving theory test in Stevenage? Things are changing, find out what’s happening, here…

Book Theory Testy Today says: “If you’re a learner driver in Stevenage and you’ve yet to take your driving theory test, passing it is going to be made a little more difficult and not for the reasons you might be thinking.”

Why will taking a driving theory test be more difficult in Stevenage?

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has announced that its driving theory test centre, currently at Southgate House in Stevenage Town Centre, will be moved to the more remote Meadway Corporate Business Centre in Bessemer Drive.

Commenting on the move, local driving instructor Chris Lowe, said: “The new centre will be much more difficult to get to, making it harder for people to take their driving theory test. The majority of people taking it go to college and come into Stevenage on the train or bus.”

He added: “When the test centre is stuck in the middle of nowhere they’ll have to use more public transport to get there and back which isn’t ideal. I’ve also had a lot of learners tell me they can’t book a theory test online so they’ve ended up going to Luton or even Watford because the system doesn’t work for them here.”

Students and instructors unaware driving theory test centre is moving

Perhaps more concerning than the new location is that students and other local driving instructors are oblivious to the move. 

Chris Lowe said: “There has been nothing from the DVSA. It is just: We are shutting, we are moving. It has a big catchment area and if you don’t take it here you’ve got to go a long way. I am sure there are lots of small empty offices in the town centre, why couldn’t they have rented one of them?”

Last day of testing

Book Theory Test Today says: “The last driving theory test session took place at the Southgate building on Tuesday, 7 April. Testing at the new site will not commence until Saturday, 18 April. Between April 8 and April 17, there will be no driving theory tests taking place until the new site is equipped with the required technology.

A DVSA spokesperson said: “The new site has bus links and free on-site parking and will open on Saturday, April 18.”

The address of the new facility is: Middlesex House, Meadway Corporate Centre, Stevenage, SG1 2EF.

Bookings at the new facility are already being accepted and the address will be enclosed in a confirmation email sent once a driving theory test is booked.

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