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Through the Eyes of a Driving Instructor: Are Men or Women Easier to Teach?

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With certain stigmas attached to male and female drivers, Book Theory Test Today gets the view of driving instructors and asks, ‘which gender is easier to teach?’

Women are terrible drivers, men are overly aggressive drivers. These are just two of the stereotypes that circulate about male and female drivers. I don’t know about you, but I need to know which of the genders is easier to teach.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Although I’m a bloke, I’ve looked at this from a very neutral and unbiased point of view. To prove it I’ll be very honest here. Yes, when my wife drives I get nervous because she’s a little hesitant. But, I know she gets nervous when I drive, because I ‘m a little over zealous. Yet, neither of us is willing to admit that our driving issues are problem.”

However, recent research (carried out by does show that it’s much more likely that a female driver will want to improve her driving skills. Women have a tendency to knuckle down more in preparation for the theory test and when taking driving lessons.

How men and women differ when it comes to driving

The AA recently submitted details of 2,000 free driving lessons being offered to motorists already holding a theory test pass certificate and a full UK driving licence.

Although the lessons were free, just 22% of those registering an interest were male. Does this highlight that men are more confident in their driving ability than women, or does it show that they have no desire to improve?

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “The difference between male and female drivers learning to drive is actually quite simple. It’s a case of males being practical learners and women being listening learners.”

In a statement from fully qualified driving instructor, Bernie Williams, of Kenley Driving School, he said: “Men do tend to pass in fewer hours and have more natural ability when it comes to things such as manoeuvres like bay parking, reversing and so on.”

Ladies, don’t freak out, he did also say that women are much better listeners and apply much more patience when learning to drive and when studying for a theory test.

Additionally, Mr Williams said that his pass rate is actually more preferential to females.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Mr Williams’ statement certainly supports the notion that men take a more practical approach to driving, whereas women absorb information in order to tackle the task of driving as prepared as they can be.”

Adding to the notion that women are better thinkers and men are more practical is that more women pass the theory test, while more men pass the practical exam.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “It would appear then that women are much easier to teach on a theoretical level, while men are easier to teach on a practical level. A fair assessment, don’t you think?”

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