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Looking for a Driving Instructor? Don’t hire this dude

Professional, patient, polite – all good characteristics you should look for in a driving instructor. What you don’t want is one who sleeps on the job!

Book Theory Test Today says: “As a learner driver, if you’re ever going to pass your driving test you require an instructor who engages with you, teaches you and pushes you to be the best driver you can be. However, a driving instructor in Norwich decided that sleeping during a lesson would be a much better idea. Any guesses what happened to him?”

If you’re looking for a driving instructor, choose one that doesn’t sleep on the job

Snapped asleep in the passenger seat with a learner driver at the wheel, a Norwich driving instructor has unsurprisingly been sacked.

He was photographed by 22-year-old, Laura Martin, who was a passenger in her father’s van. Pulling up next to the learner vehicle near Carrow Road, Norwich City Football Club’s stadium, she was astounded to see the learner’s instructor catching 40 winks.

The instructor, who was self-employed, was in a 5Day car when caught napping. 5Day said: “The instructor’s actions were completely unacceptable and he was immediately dismissed.”

Book Theory Test Today says: “If you’re looking for a driving instructor in Norwich, watch out for this guy. Chances are he could find employment with another driving school.”

Miss Martin said: “The guy was asleep for the entire time we were next to him: He only jolted up right once my dad revved his engine loudly. The poor learner he was teaching looked extremely flustered.”

Miss Martin posted the picture on her Facebook page, attracting a string of comments. One person said: “Not very funny if the learner had caused an accident killing himself, his instructor or someone else.”

Police involved

Norfolk police confirmed that it had received a complaint from a member of the public regarding the incident.

Head of road policing in Norfolk and Suffolk, Chief Inspector Chris Spinks, said: “There’s actually no specific offence that covers an individual supervising a learner driver being asleep as there is with them being drunk or using a mobile phone.”

He added: “However, a supervisor or instructor can be seen as being in charge of that vehicle so should be in a position to intervene if necessary. Failure to adhere to this responsibility could potentially make the supervisor liable for an offence should a collision or other incident occur.”

Book Theory Test Today says: “If you’re looking for a driving instructor, particularly a self-employed one, make sure you check their credentials. Have they previously been employed by other driving schools? If so, why did they leave? There’s plenty of research you can do to make sure you don’t end up with an instructor who neglects his duties.”

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