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Need a reliable driving instructor? Britain’s oldest is 95 and still going

Since 1938, 95-year-old Laura Thomas has helped over 1,000 people pass the DVSA practical test. Book Theory Test Today looks at the secret to her success.

If you need a reliable driving instructor with a high success rate, plus you happen to live in Pembroke Dock, West Wales, then look up Laura Thomas. In her 76 years as a driving instructor, she says that none of those she has tutored ever needed more than two attempts to pass the practical driving test.

Book Theory Test Today says: “What a reliable driving instructor and a remarkable woman. She obviously delivers consistent tutoring to boast such a high success rate with her pupils.”

The great-grandmother claims to have taught every motorist in her home town. She has now passed her 95th birthday and is officially Britain’s oldest driving instructor.

How she became a reliable driving instructor

Laura’s driving journey began way back in 1938 when her brother bought her a car for Christmas. Just two months later she had passed her driving test. She then started giving tips to her friends on how to pass the driving test and never looked back.

Her reputation as a driving tutor grew by word-of-mouth and she was inundated by people wanting her to teach them how to drive. The mother-of-two has never had to advertise her services, enjoying a healthy stream of customers for close to 80 years. She also boasts an accident-free record and has never had to rely on a dual controlled car.  

Commenting on her 76 years on the road, Laura said: “I’m aiming to join the UK’s exclusive ‘100 club’ of centenarian who are still driving. You’re never too old to drive, provided you’ve still got your head screwed on.”

No plans to retire

The widow has no plans to ditch her L-plates and says she can still bring teenagers to tears with her ‘old school driving techniques.’

She said: “I get all types of different pupils, those that learn quick and some that are stupid. Most of them enjoy it and those that don’t tend to have a little cry from time to time. So many people are looking to learn and want lessons, so how can I retire?”

She continued: “As long as I feel I can do it and people want my services, I will continue to be the reliable driving instructor. People keep telling me I’m the oldest instructor in Britain and I must say I’ve never heard of an older one.”

She added: “My reputation as a reliable driving instructor continued to flourish, people kept coming to me. I was busy all day, every day. I’ve had my fair share of scares, but these have been surpassed by the laughs I’ve enjoyed. I’ve never failed to stop a car with a handbrake. I’ve loved every minute, it’s great getting to know so many different people.”

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