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400 learner drivers crashed cars during driving test in 2014

Failing your driving test is one thing, but an astonishing 400 learner drivers crashed cars during their driving test last year, according to new figures published by the DVSA.

Book Theory Test Today says: “News that 400 learner drivers crashed cars while taking their driving test last year will do little to improve the image of novice motorists. What’s worrying is that these crashes were happening during an exam to assess their driving ability, not while taking a lesson.”

The figures, published by the DVSA, reveal that 415 learner drivers crashed cars while sitting the practical driving test. Crashing the car is marked as a serious fault by exam invigilators, resulting in instant exam failure.

The data also contained details of 13 learner motorists who had attempted the DVSA practical driving test for the 30th time, without success. Britain’s worst learner driver, according to the figures, is an unidentified woman from Southwark, south-east London, who has failed the theory test a staggering 113 times.

400 learner drivers crashed, but applauded                    

A spokesperson for the AA said: “Yes 400 learner drivers crashed, but we applaud them because while their driving isn’t spectacular, they are persistent and continue to take the test and stick with the system. This is in contrast to the one in 20 drivers who are driving around Britain’s roads in uninsured vehicles.”

The spokesperson added: “These drivers are often disqualified motorists who flout the rules, cannot be bothered to pass the test and end up becoming a real menace on our roads. They tend to leave honest motorists out-of-pocket, crashing into them and because they have no insurance, those on the receiving end of their stupidity ending up footing the bill for repairs or worse, a new vehicle.”   

Theory test failures

While 400 learner drivers crashed cars, the DVSA data revealed the woes of other wannabe motorists struggling with the driver testing process. A man in Peterborough failed his driving theory test 86 times, while a 41-year-old gentleman from Birmingham recorded 79 theory test failures before succeeding at the 80th attempt.

In Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire, Wales, a 27-year-old man is still waiting to pass his theory test after attempting it for a 66th time in 2015. The same is true of a 39-year-old man from London, who has 66 theory test fails to his name.

In Reading, Berkshire, a 47-year-old man is still waiting for his theory test certificate having clocked up 61 fails so far.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Although 400 learner drivers crashed taking their test, you have to admire their persistence. To continue after being involved in an accident takes guts. The same can be said of those still trying to pass the theory test; others would have given up long ago.”

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