Best and Worst Drivers in Britain Based on Occupation Best and Worst Drivers in Britain Based on Occupation
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New study reveals best and worst drivers based on their profession

Yes, we can confirm that a study has actually been conducted to determine the UK’s best and worst drivers based on their occupation. Which car insurance company has too much time on their hands? Book Theory Test Today finds out.

With almost one in 10 UK motorists carrying a driving conviction, car insurance company decided to conduct a new study to find out who Britain’s best and worst drivers are based on their job title.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Yes, it’s all a little bit bizarre and clearly, car insurance must be slow if has the time to determine Britain’s best and worst drivers based on their job. Is this a canny new scheme to charge people in certain professions more for their car insurance? Who knows? All we know is that this study happened.”

The best and worst drivers in Britain based on occupation

The study determined that directors and engineers are the most likely motorists to pick up a driving conviction, while nursery workers and actuaries are less likely to be pulled up for motoring offences.

How did come to these conclusions? Wel,l here’s them explaining their working. The insurance company said: “We analysed over six million of our car insurance quotes and ranked occupations by the proportion of motorists landed with a driving conviction during the past five years.”  

Worst drivers

Book Theory Test Today says: “According to the research oil rig workers are the most reckless behind the wheel, which is bizarre as we didn’t think oil rigs had roads. Oh! They mean when they get back on land, got it. Well, we guess after being stuck on an oil rig for months on end it’s possible that safe driving may have been forgotten.”

Apparently, one in five (22.8%) oil rig workers have at least one driving conviction, which is more than double the national average and quite an achievement given that their job sees them spend months offshore.

Here’s an ‘official’ top 10 of the worst offending professions with driving convictions as charted by

  1. Oil rig crew (22.9%).
  2. Sales director (21.1%).
  3. Operations director (21%).
  4. Managing director (20.9%).
  5. Asbestos remover (19.9%).
  6. Company director (19.7%).
  7. Refrigeration engineer (19.6%).
  8. Area manager (19.4%).
  9. Service engineer (19.3%).
  10. Site agent (19.2%).

Notice how four of the top 10 job roles have the word director in them. Other drivers with a high conviction rate than the UK average include:

  • Couriers (18%)
  • Chauffeurs (17.7%)
  • Barristers (15.9%), yes even the law enforcers break the law, who’d have thought it?
  • Lorry drivers (13.8%)
  • Dentists (13%) and
  • Journalists (12.7%)

Best drivers

Here are the best performing professionals:

  1. Actuary (3.3%).
  2. Packer (3.7%).
  3. Nursery assistant (4.2%).
  4. Dinner assistant (4.2%).
  5. Picker (4.4%).
  6. Warehouseman (4.6%).
  7. Waitress (4.7%).
  8. Nursery worker (4.8%).
  9. Playgroup assistant (4.9%).
  10. Driving instructor (4.9%). For real? Starting to think this is a fix!

Parents, you will be particularly pleased to know that those working with children are less likely to receive a driving conviction compared with the rest of Britain’s motoring population.

Spokesperson for, Matt Oliver, said: “Driving laws exist to help keep motorists, cyclists and pedestrians safe on the road. In addition to putting yourself and others at risk, racking up multiple driving convictions can have a serious impact on your ability to get insurance in the future and can increase insurance costs considerably.”

So, where does your profession put you in the best and worst drivers list? Leave a comment.

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