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Theory test certificates expiring as driving test waiting times increase

Passed your DVSA practical driving test yet? No? Better check when your theory test certificate expires.

Keighley-based driving instructor, Jane Hudson, claims that learner drivers are having to wait up to four months to sit a DVSA practical driving test. According to Hudson, the lengthy waiting times are leading to the expiration of countless theory test certificates.

This leaves many learner drivers facing the possibility of having to rebook a theory test online and start all over again. Hudson, of Jane Hudson Driving Tuition, said: “The waiting time for tests at the facility covering the Keighley area has reached 17 weeks. It’s been like this since December. The earliest date for a test is now in April, and it’s just ridiculous.”

A spokesperson for the DVSA admitted that the organisation is struggling to cope with an increase in demand for practical driving tests. The spokesperson also conceded that the length of time candidates are having to wait for a test has indeed gone up.

Hudson, a driving instructor for 13 years, acknowledged that the problem is rife nationwide, but argues that it’s completely unfair on test candidates.

Theory test certificates expiring

To illustrate the effect that lengthy waiting times are having on candidates, Hudson told the Keighley News: “I have a young lady who failed the driving test recently, but due to her theory test certificate expiring in March, she cannot get another test and will have to rebook a theory test online and begin all over again.”

Book Theory Test Today says: “The issue of expiring theory test certificates is becoming quite common as more and more candidates opt to book a practical driving test later rather than sooner.”

The usual waiting time for a practical driving test appointment is six to seven weeks, a waiting time that’s considered reasonable. However, waiting times at Steeton Driving Test Centre, the centre that covers Keighley, has a waiting time reaching 17 weeks.

Hudson said: “It’s outrageous and completely unfair candidates are having to wait and in some cases, those waiting are seeing theory test certificates expire leaving them to rebook a theory test online at their expense.”

Unfortunately, the DVSA will not reimburse those who have to rebook a theory test online as a result of theory test certificates expiring, even if it’s expired because of having to wait for a practical test appointment. They would argue that those whose theory test certificates have expired had two years to pass the practical exam.

The DVSA’s head of operations, Phil Lloyd, said: “Demand for driving tests is increasing, and we acknowledge waiting times are currently higher than we would like in some areas. We are sorry for any inconvenience.”

“We are working to address this as quickly as possible, and since April we have employed 123 new examiners, who have started work at test centres across Great Britain.”

However, the recruitment of new examiners appears to be doing little to ease the misery of candidates nationwide as cases of increased waiting times for a practical test grow by the day.

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